Julia Fox debuted her most daring look yet: Opera Gloves And Little Else

We’re still in Julia Fox‘s universe, but we’re simply passing through. We don’t need any more proof than her most recent Instagram post. The Uncut Gems star, who usually wears all black, shared a slideshow of herself in another pair of form-fitting provocative low rise trousers tucked into lug-sole boots teamed with an eye-catching backless opera glove hybrid top.

After a high-profile breakup with Kanye West, with whom she remains friendly. After a month of passionate dating, she explained to the New York Times why their relationship didn’t work out. β€œIt just wasn’t sustainable. I lost, like, 15 pounds in that month.β€β€œI tried my best to make it work,” Adding. β€œI already had a jam-packed life. How do I fit this really big personality into this already full life?”

Either way it’s safe to say Fox’s favorite accessory are elbow-skimming gloves – which may be vinyl at times. One time she wore a glossy pair while out with her ex Kanye West in January – but usually prefers a matte finish at other times.

In conclusion, Fox – who has enthralled the fashion industry with her bold winged eyeliner, torso-flashing tops, and sinfully short pants, isn’t leaving anytime soon for sure.

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