Florence Pugh Tries The Minimalist Style


Florence Pugh’s distinct approach to red carpet fashion has been defined by maximalist gowns, yet she also occasionally wears simplicity. She embraces every fashion opportunity, donning contouring bralettes, layers of tulle, and hot-pink Valentino outfits. But when she’s not working, she prefers casual pants, everyday essentials, and chic It bags.

This week, the actor arrived in Los Angeles dressed in cream pants with a belted waist, a black tank top, a bomber jacket, heeled boots, and a brown Ferragamo Aura bag.

The dress was evocative of The Row’s stylish Annie Hall-inspired looks that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kendall Jenner, and others wear frequently. Florence gave her minimalist basics a punk-inspired spin. She donned a bomber jacket accessorizing with a big, hefty buckled style instead of a narrow belt.


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