EmRata Channels Her Inner French Girl In A Black Roll-Neck

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Following her electrifying performance at London’s O2 stadium, Spanish singer Rosalia headed to Paris for her Motomami global tour’s last performance. For the performance at the Accor arena, superfan Emily Ratajkowski traveled by plane to the city.

In addition to watching the Argentina vs. France match while indulging in room service and witnessing Rosala’s explosive show, which she referred to as “the most fantastic artist alive today,” EmRata also taped a TikTok on a rooftop in Paris.

Emily shot a spoof music video of herself lip-syncing “Last Christmas” by Wham! with a backdrop of the Paris cityscape in the background while donning her version of French-girl fashion, which included a black roll-neck underneath a leather trench coat and gold hoops.

Emily’s leather jacket is really current. Sleek leather trenches have been seen on the red carpet, second only to Loewe’s sculptural padded leather bomber jacket.

Still on her French girl style, in one photo, EmRata stood on a balcony and pretended to squeeze the Eiffel Tower in the distance. She opted for a bright red Penny Lane coat with dramatic fringe lining over a black crop top with an oval breast cutout and faded black high-waisted trousers. She completed her look with a black Paco Rabanne shoulder bag.


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