Cardi B’s Birthday Look Pays Tribute to Caribbean Carnival Glamour

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Cardi B, happy belated birthday! The rapper celebrated her 30th birthday on October 11th by going out in Los Angeles with her husband, Offset, to mark the occasion. It’s not surprising that Cardi, a well-known fashion plate, dressed to the nines for her big soirée. She did, however, step things up a notch by going for a dramatic appearance that resembled outfits from a Caribbean carnival.

Her crimson attire honored her Trinidadian and Dominican ancestry as well as the traditions of both nations’ carnivals (typically, carnivals include big parades, where attendees famously dress in striking outfits). She wore a glittering satin bodysuit with sheer gloves, a feathered train, and a huge feathered headpiece—all essentials for a carnival.

Her husband, Offset, wore a white suit and vest with a red tie and tinted sunglasses to match her stunning ensemble. After all, the pair enjoys a well-executed romantic scene.

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