Bella Hadid Wears Not One But Two Belts With Her Baggy Jeans

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Bella Hadid is once again embracing the streets as her runway now that fashion month is over. The supermodel is back in New York City and preparing for the city’s breezy weather after being busy (and painted) during September’s fashion events.

Bella Hadid went out in New York City on October 18 with the express purpose of creating a fashion statement. Was it the brown leather shoes? (No) – the red knit turtleneck, the loose light wash denim pair or the leather bomber jacket? Definitely not! it was Bella Hadid’s two belts, not just one. Two belts!

One belt had a gold buckle and was looped into the pants’ waistband as it should be. The other belt featured silver hardware and was hanging by a punch hole and a prong from the waist.

Hadid’s style is something that really can’t be labeled since she wears anything she wants, even though one may be able to place her in a physical box for magazine covers. Her reign as the queen of street style is seldom monotonous. The model understands how to draw attention with her easy-going and self-assured appearance, whether she’s wearing dad jorts or school uniform socks.

Back to the two belts, The fact that the belt was worn just for show is a prime example noughties maximalism which Bella Hadid is go to style inspiration. Take for example the “thin useless scarves.” The scarf is primarily intended to be warm, but in its pointless, paper-thin Y2K form, it was turned into a showy garnish.

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