Austin Butler Stands Out In A Stylish Black Tux At The 2023 Oscars

Austin Butler has arrived on the red carpet of the 95th Academy Awards.

At tonight’s Oscars event at the Los Angeles Dolby Theatre, Hollywood’s most talked-about leading man made an appearance sporting a sleek Saint Laurent black velvet suit. A traditional white button-down, a black bow tie, black dress shoes with a glossy sheen, and Cartier jewelry completed the ensemble.

Butler’s leading role in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, in which he portrays the legendary King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, has earned him a nomination for Best Actor.

He has so far had a successful awards season, taking home awards at the Golden Globes and British Academy Film Awards in addition to a nomination at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Butler previously discussed how he learned to portray Elvis Presley on screen.

It was trying to see everything as if for the first time, without any preconceived idea of who Elvis was,” he said. “Try[ing] to get down to the core, to his humanity. There were many different ways in which to approach that—with a year and a half of time, there [were] many things that I tried that brought me straight to the external things. And then other things where I’m just focusing so much on his internal life that I lost the specificity of something that he may do physically. It was a constant back and forth. I’d look at, say, the ‘Hound Dog’ performance. And I would want to get very specific—exactly the angle of his hand, or the angle of his head, or how he got up on his toes. And sometimes Polly would say, ‘Let’s pull back. What does the music actually feel like? What if you were to perform this song, just the way that the music is moving you?’ And so constantly trying to get to why he does what he does, what it actually felt like inside of him.”

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