Prince William Makes His First Visit to Cornwall Since Receiving His New Title

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For the first time since assuming his new title, Prince William, Duke of Cornwall, traveled to the region.

Even though William is best known as the Prince of Wales, he also received the title of Duke of Cornwall after Queen Elizabeth II passed away in September. He made his first trip to his duchy in southwest England this morning since gaining the title, when he met with local nonprofits and the Duchy of Cornwall personnel.

At the seven-acre urban green area Newquay Orchard, which offers environmental education, employability training, and community activities, he initially met with volunteers. The Orchard serves as a gathering place for the neighborhood and sponsors a number of programs that work to reduce social isolation, encourage healthy living, and provide assistance to people who are struggling under the burdens of the cost-of-living problem.

At “An Lowarth,” which is Cornish for “garden,” William welcomed volunteers learning gardening techniques. Later, he went to a facility where people are educated in practical skills like cooking so they may advance in their careers or their studies. He also went to the neighborhood eatery “Canteen at the Orchard,” where volunteers harvested and grew the food.


Since receiving his new title, Prince William has made a few private trips to the Duchy of Cornwall to learn more about the large estate of farms, homes, and businesses that typically supports the heir to the throne and his family. Previously, a royal insider said to People, “He’s going to participate quite actively in it. He is really engrossed in it.”

Regarding their other titles, William and Kate traveled to Wales for the first time as Prince and Princess of Wales as of last September. The pair has a long connection with the area since, as newlyweds, they set up residence in Anglesey and raised Prince George there for the first few months of his existence.

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