Paris Hilton Wears Not One, But Two Pink Business to Party Dresses

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Paris Hilton’s affinity for the color pink has been well documented. This love affair with the vibrant hue dates back to her days on the hit reality show, The Simple Life, where she first began incorporating it into her personal brand and public appearances – making it synonymous with her unique persona and style.

Recently, Hilton made a striking fashion statement at Variety’s Entertainment Marketing Summit, in a mesmerizing neon pink midi dress from the prestigious New York-based label, Zaffori. The dress, carefully selected by Hilton’s talented stylist, Sammy K., featured eye-catching flared sleeves and intricate pleated panels on the skirt, adding a touch of elegance to the ensemble.

To complement the stunning gown, Hilton opted for a pair of exquisite diamond stud earrings, perfectly accentuating her radiant beauty. Not stopping there, Hilton’s stylist expertly paired the dress with hot-pink pointed-toe heels, adding a bold and playful touch to the overall look. The attention to detail and impeccable coordination displayed by Hilton and her team truly showcased her fashion prowess.


Not stoping there, Hilton donned a another stunning iteration with a pink-infused flair for her second engagement, which happened to be the grand unveiling of her highly-anticipated Tan-Luxe duo set. Opting for a tasteful transformation, she opted for a mesmerizing wrap dress courtesy of Bronx and Banco. This dazzling garment boasted a captivating mock-neck design, with a side panel crafted from a fabric that mimicked the appearance of a mock-neck. The sleeves gracefully enveloped her hands, leaving tantalizing cutouts for her delicate fingers to peek through. In a masterful stroke of coordination, she adorned her feet with pointed pink pumps in a captivating coral hue, perfectly mirroring the dress’s enchanting shade.

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