Olivia Rodrigo’s Preppy Grunge Style Is A Blend of Nostalgia and Edge

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Olivia Rodrigo made a bold fashion statement as she strutted through the bustling streets of New York City alongside her close pals, Conan Gray and Madison Hu. Embracing a throwback ’90s grunge aesthetic, Rodrigo donned a carefully curated ensemble that exuded nostalgia and edginess.

Her outfit was a carefully curated mix of vintage pieces that perfectly captured the essence of the era. A faded ’90s graphic T-shirt served as the focal point, adding a touch of retro charm to the overall look. Paired with a green plaid miniskirt, the ensemble exuded a rebellious vibe that perfectly complemented Rodrigo’s rockstar persona.

To complete the look, Rodrigo opted for ripped black tights that added a hint of grunge-inspired flair. White ankle socks peeked out from her Mary Jane loafers from Dr. Martens, adding a playful touch to the ensemble.

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