Untold Truths About Nigerian Actress Sharon Ooja

Widely known for her role play as “Shalewa”, Tiwa’s sister in the Ndani series Skinny Girl in Transit, Sharon Ooja Egurube is from Benue State. The actor, model and influencer was born in Kaduna State and bred in Plateau State.

She moved to Lagos in 2015. With a degree in Mass Communication from Houdegbe North American University in Benin Republic coincidentally bumped into acting.

While working with a real estate firm, Ooja had her breakthrough into Nollywood when pitched to come for an interview for a talk show with Ndani TV – that eventually didn’t happen.

“Shortly after, they called me to play in a small role in the television series Gidi Up. Then, I featured in Skinny Girl in Transit, where I played the character, Shalewa. I’ve grown in my acting and I’m very passionate about the craft, so much that I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

Sharon Ooja comes from a close-knit family

“I grew up in a family of four girls and my parents are still happily married. As a child, I was very stubborn. My childhood was fantastic because my sisters and I were very close and we still are. We played so much and also shared emotions.”

Her parents are very supportive of her acting career

With her mum also being in the entertainment industry and also her biggest role model – Ooja has a strong support from her family.

Sharon Ooja wanted to be doctor

As she once aspired to be in the medical field, she credits her rise to fame to God.

She loves FOOD

As a proper “Northern girl” Ooja misses eating massa and sauce for breakfast. Surprisingly she’s replaced the combo for “Swallow and Okra soup” which is popular in the southern part of Nigeria.

NO, Sharon Ooja is neither Dating Timini Egbuson nor Ice prince

“Timini Egbuson is my friend, he is a fantastic guy. We have never been intimate”

She Keeps her relationship out of social media

Guess we wouldn’t meet her significant other anytime soon. Sharon Ooja is very secretive about her relationship because she doesn’t like her life being in the public domain.”

Her Hobbies?

She has a few which includes listening to music, dancing and reading books. Doing makeup and styling her hair is therapeutic for her. But if she were to choose, she would pick wigs and food over social media and makeup.

 Her celebrity crush is Idris Elba

Well until he got married and broke tonnes of hearts

She describes her style as “Sexy Chic”

Somedays she keeps it simple and clean and other times overboard.

Her first acting gig was HORRIBLE, but it would be her dream to play the role of a mother.

Her star sign Is ARIES

For those who believe in astrology, Ooja was born 6 April 1991 making her Aries. She personally doesn’t believe that her star truly describes her.

Her best advise would be from her mother

She said “Be yourself and don’t stress whatever is yours will come to you.”


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