5 Times Symply Tacha Schooled Us In Fashion

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From successfully transitioning from Reality TV star to business woman to fashion killer, Natacha Akinde can do it all. Like the rest of us, she’s made mistakes and dealt with drama, but she always manages to bounce back better than ever, which is what makes her so inspiring.

Whether she’s standing up to Insta bullies or showing her fans serious love or voicing her thoughts on political issues – its quite obvious that Tacha has come a long way.

Here are 5 times Symply Tacha has schooled us in fashion.


Wearing a white cut-out with feather like detailing, this has to be one of her best outfit of all time. With a bold red lip, Tacha exudes confidence. For hair, she opted for sleek ponytail.


For her trip to Turkey, Tacha went full high street fashion. All white, Tacha paired a ruffled waist trousers with a high neck top with zipper detailing. For accessories, she opted for large hoops, sunglasses and a white handbag.


Everything about this look is worth dying for – from the tiger print jumpsuit to the sexy red gloves.


Is it a suit or a crop top? Tacha perfectly blends the two to make a fashion statement. You have to appreciate the choice of accessories from her sunglasses to her choice of handbag. To complete her look – tacha went full pink with her short bob hairatyle.


One thing about Tacha is that she definitely knows how to show off her legs. Wearing an off shoulder black dress with a high rise slit, Tacha looks exquisite as ever. Love the fact she opted for a sleek up ponytail, bag and sandal stiletto were same color with beads detailing on gown.

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