Kendall Jenner Puts a Stamp of Approval on This Trendy Jacket

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Lyst’s top picks for Q1 2024 are all about the Carhartt jacket, which has witnessed a whopping 41% surge in searches, earning itself a respectable fifth place on the chart. This jacket’s practical yet stylish design has struck a chord with fashion aficionados, making it a go-to choice. And if that wasn’t enough, the fashion icon Kendall Jenner herself flaunted not one, but two Carhartt jackets at the illustrious Coachella, further cementing its status as the epitome of trendiness

Kendall jenner wearing the trendy the Carhartt jacket.
Kendall jenner wearing the trendy the Carhartt jacket. Photo: @staskaranikolaou//instagram

Kendall made her grand entrance at the Palm Springs festival, donning the the pièce de résistance beige Carhartt zip-up jacket version, accompanied by sleek black drain-pipe jeans and a killer pair of black stiletto boots. To top off her ensemble, she sported a trendy blue and grey baseball cap and elegant silver drop earrings.

The next day, She sported the black iteration of Carhartt jacket with beige straight-leg workwear trousers and black boots. Kendall Jenner’s fashion-forward jackets not only showcased her unique personality and taste, but also, reflected her ability to spot on trend pieces.

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