Kate Moss’s Airport Style Features an all-black Look With Signature Ballet Flats

Airport style can be a little tricky – there’s always a need for comfort and being pulled-together, all while looking effortlessly chic. Of course, one can always rely on what works for them more especially in one was a supermodel.

Kate Moss, who arrived at JFK Airport, stayed true to form in an all-black look and ballet flats that can be traced back to the early Nineties. Her look included a black pullover, baggy pants, bow-adorned flats, and black sunglasses –staying loyal to her unique style. Arriving without makeup and with blonde hair in a center part, it could be that the model had a well-maintained skincare routine on board.

This comes after Michel Haddi recently discovered a series of rare Polaroid photos of British supermodel Kate Moss, which form part of his new book, The Legend – Kate Moss. The photos were taken while cleaning out his storage and form part of his new book, The Legend – Kate Moss.

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