How Princess Kate Traveled To Boston While Following in King Charles’s Footsteps

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Following in her father-in-law footsteps, Kate Middleton the Princess of Wales, earlier this month went on a solo excursion to Harvard University’s Center for the Developing Child, where she heard from the institution’s specialists on how the center pushes research and development to better influence the laws impacting kids who experience hardship.

Kate’s signature next to King Charles’s signature from his 1986 visit.

More than three decades after King Charles did so during his visit to the school in the fall of 1986, Kate signed the university’s visitor book while she was there. A picture of the two signatures shows the writing of the two royals side by side.


Kate’s trip to the Harvard Center was a significant milestone in her early childhood development research. As a senior princess, she has long promoted the value of the field in her humanitarian endeavors. She started The Royal Foundation Center for Early Childhood last year as a passion project with the intention of funding studies and organizing initiatives to better the lives of young children.

She recently had an opinion piece about raising kids for a “healthier, happier society” published in The Telegraph.

“If we are going to tackle the sorts of complex challenges we face today like homelessness, violence and addiction, which are so often underpinned by poverty and poor mental health, we have to fully appreciate those most preventative years and do everything we can to nurture our children and those who care for them,” the royal wrote. “That is why I am determined to continue to shine a light on this issue and to do everything I can to secure much greater focus on those first crucial few years for the youngest members of our society – they are, after all, our future.”

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