Anne Hathaway Just Brought Back The Leather Skinny Pants

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Anne Hathaway, known for her red-carpet style, recently appeared in New York City for a screening and Q&A session at 92NY. She wore a three-piece black leather suit from Ralph Lauren, paired with a white button-down, black tie, and Jimmy Choo pointed-toe pumps.

We’ve seen a lot of leather recently; case in point: Dua Lipa, whose Radical Optimism wardrobe featured a lot of leather jackets and trenches but not a lot of leather-skiny jeans. However, the return of skinny jeans has been eagerly embraced by the fashion industry, but it may not extend the same level of enthusiasm to leather skinny trousers.This particular variation of the trend may require a bolder and more daring approach to become a widely accepted fashion item. The incorporation of leather into the skinny jeans silhouette adds an edgy and rebellious element, making it a potential statement piece for those who are willing to push the boundaries of fashion.


Still on leather, the Eileen star had recently attended Milan Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2024 show in a runway debut look. The red leather dress, featured off-the-shoulder straps, a corseted bodice, and a midi skirt with a folded top.

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