Victoria Beckham Debuts Her First Bag Line and Fall Collection

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Victoria Beckham and her brand exemplify a distinctively current component of consumer fashion: styling, as a designer-and-style-icon package solution. Her design concepts are put to the test not only on the catwalk, such is typically the case, in a screenplay also when she is shot by the paparazzi wearing them herself, demonstrating how she would style her line.

It’s about cultivating a fashion culture infused with styling-focused features that empowers the wearer to be their own stylist. Playing with the functions of clothes is second nature to Beckham, and she can’t help herself from wrapping, tying, and overlaying whatever outfit is in front of her. On Wednesday, at an appointment for her new collection, she displayed this on house models in her Paris showroom, which emphasized the idea of clothes made to be dressed. The collection’s brilliance was found in items designed for layering or wrapping, rather than the elegantly cut coats and blouses that come with the VB territory—things you just put on. Beckham, for example, stated that she would never wear a neatly crocheted onesie on its own.

She explained, “I would wear it with a dress over the top. I would wear it with a skirt over the top. We’ve been doing polo-neck bodies for a while, and they’re great layering pieces. They really can finish off an outfit and make it very considered. With this knitted one, you’d absolutely put a dress over the top.”

It created a sensuous and fully covered look from head to toe, a notion replicated in sequined gowns layered with skin-tight transparent organza dresses on top for a filtrage effect that also helped Beckham define the shape she wanted to achieve.

She used the phrase “superhero” to characterize her season film, which had models marching through a high-rise building in London with a sense of purpose, shot by music video director Simon Cahn . One of them was dressed in a translucent wrap dress with long strands of cloth that the user could wrap around herself in whatever way she desired.

Beckham showed how she would dress the mechanism, which had the same silhouette capacity as the other clothes in the collection, on a model. It was a sophisticated approach to clothing construction, demonstrating Beckham’s ever-increasing attention to detail in both her designs and her business. She increased her offering this season with her first full collection of bags, designed to match the affordable price she offered last year.

Her collection included bucket bags, disc-shaped pouches, and more traditional purses, some of which were emblazoned with the VB monogram she debuted in her previous pre-collection. As a homage to a personal memory, a clutch bag was embellished with the golden chain of a men’s wristwatch.


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