The Original “Naked Dress” Worn By Kate Moss Is Being Auctioned

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When the then-young Kate Moss showed off her slim physique and her choice of underwear at an evening event in 1993, she created a sensation. Particularly in the harsh light of the camera flashes, Liza Bruce’s design of copper-coated nylon left little to the imagination. The resulting pictures of Moss, holding a cigarette and a beer carelessly in one hand, made headlines the next day, portraying a moment of teenage disobedience and indiscretion.

Ever since the slip dress Liza Bruce’s Spring/Summer 1994 collection, has been enshrined as a pivotal moment in her fashion legacy, solidifying its place in the annals of ’90s fashion history.

To be clear, Kate Moss did not wear the garment that is being auctioned off (Lot 170). It’s the perfect duplicate of Liza Bruce original that the supermodel is wearing.

Bruce designed a few metallic slip dresses, one of which is in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s collection. The slip is expected to fetch £200 to £300 at the London auction. Yesterday afternoon, the auction house used Instagram to preview its April 14 sale, revealing that it had purchased Moss’s original nude outfit from a former Bruce employee.

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