The Kwéchiri Collection by KochHouse

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Kwechiri an Igbo slogan translated resilience, persistence, and overall the joy of overcoming. is the name of KochHouse new collection. KochHouse is a Nigerian menswear brand led by Nonye Nkwocha,  birthed to establish a sense of belonging for the everyday man. “Clothes fit for KINGS” according to the brand, tje Kwechiri collection features military-inspired look, Agbadas, and embellished velvet Tuxedos.

The brand credits the Kwechiri collection to all the happenings and interesting events of this year and the need to keep fighting in the midst of it all – hence the title which stands for resilience, persistence.

Look 1

Details: Shawl Lapel Black 2pc Tuxedo
Round Hand-knitted black lapel
Satin Cuffed sleeves – Black

Look 2

Details: Double breasted blue Damask 2pc
Round Taped Velvet lapel – Navy Blue
Velvet Cuffed sleeves – Navy Blue

Look 3:

Details: Shawl Lapel Black 2pc Tuxedo
Satin taped Lapel
Exaggerated cuffs with tape – Black Velvet


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