Part Two of Zendaya’s Dune Press Tour: A Look Inside

There are somethings that just work, take for example Law Roach and Zendaya. The renowned stylist and image architect, just like an artist is with a muse has been able to bring out a broad range of stunning looks with Zendaya, highlighting his raw force. For the promotional press tour for Zendaya’s upcoming sci-fi fil, Dune: Part two the duo have ben able to pull off impossible-to-source pieces that has in act left us wanting more.

1. Wearing Lee McQueen’s 1999 Givenchy


Zendaya wore a circuit board skirt-suit from Lee McQueen’s 1999 Givenchy collection, featuring “android couture” bodysuits and PCB-like crystals for the Seoul premiere. The design was inspired by the fear surrounding “Y2K,” which reflected the supposed technological breakdown at the end of the century.

2. In Juun. J’s

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

At the Dune: Part Two press conference in South Korea, Zendaya looked to Seoul-based Juun.J for a sci appropriate jumpsuit.

3. Mugler

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Zendaya’s stylist Law Roach showcased two steamy looks on the sand-covered red carpet at the London premiere. First a vintage Mugler metal bodysuit brought to life from the house’s autumn/winter 1995 ‘Cirque d’hiver’ 20th-anniversary collection archive. She completed the fembot ensemble with matching stilettos. Zendaya then wore a Mugler black floor-length gown with a structured bodice and one-shoulder detail, paired with Bulgari jewels.

4. Louis Vuitton


Zendaya made another fashion statement in Paris wearing a custom Louis Vuitton set. The outfit featured an ab-baring top with a hooded scarf and a voluminous ball-gown skirt with a drop-waist silhouette. Both pieces were made from glittering gold fabric with a rose-shaped texture. Zendaya paired the outfit with vintage Bulgari accessories, including a gold Serpenti bracelet and diamond-encrusted earrings.

5. Wearing Alaia


Zendaya wore Alaia’s ‘La Robe Spirale’ during a Paris photocall, a 3D-printed wool dress that features a single piece winding around the body.

6. Bottega Veneta


In Mexico however, Zendaya donned a unique custom Bottega Veneta ensemble for the premiere of the movie Dune: Part Two , featuring a cropped high-neck top, matching skirt, with a leather belt waistline, and pointed heels.

7. In Torishéju

Media/Getty Images

Zendaya wore custom Torishéju for a film photocall in Mexico, featuring the London-based designer’s signature style derived from traditional wrap clothing from Brazilian and Nigerian cultures. Torishéju Dumi, who officially launched her line during Paris Fashion Week, has already gained recognition with Paloma Elsesser and Naomi Campbell.

8. Balmain

Zendaya partnered with Balmain and its creative director Olivier Rousteing for an ensemble reminiscent of the viral Venice look during the Paris leg of the Dune: Part Two tour. The ensemble featured a nude sleeveless top with square shoulders and architectural ripple details, matching slouchy tailored trousers, silver jewellery, and copper-colored satin stilettos.

9. Vivienne Westwood

Zendaya wore a structural-shoulder Vivienne Westwood mini dress in tribute to Tina Turner, inspired by her character Aunty Entity in the 1985 film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. She shared a film still on her Instagram story, showcasing the dress’s statement shoulder pads and sheer draping.

10. The Attico


The actress wore a head-to-toe leather look from The Attico for a TV promo in New York, showcasing a futuristic feel that perfectly matched the second installment of the sci-fi film.

11. Schiaparelli


Zendaya wore a ruched Schiaparelli skirt with a three-dimensional lobster at the CCXP comic convention in Brazil, ironically fitting given the desertscape where Dune is set, Arrakis, which lacks water.

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