ONEOFEACH to Launch the African Academy of Design

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The African Academy of Design will be launched by ONEOFEACH, a mother-daughter premium African fashion brand based in Cape Town. The Fashion Impact Fund, a philanthropic organization dedicated to supporting women-led projects that advance the fashion industry’s transition to a sector that values people and the environment, is supporting the upcoming program headed by Pauline and Tamburai Chirume. Since the beginning of 2019, the duo has taught over 100 women, with 60% of them finding work in the fashion business.

Pauline and Tamburai Chirume, who have more than 40 years of experience, have created the Africa Fashion Academy, which focuses on hands-on, hands-on training using the First African Fashion Program to equip Participants with fundamentals, techniques, knowledge, and a starter kit that will allow them to use rewarding skills to build apparel and accessories from start to finish.

The program will strengthen and expand the provision of high-quality learning opportunities for young women (under the age of 40) from marginalized communities in order to diversify and make the South African fashion industry more inclusive. It also allows for better forecasting of existing and future skills requirements in the textile, garment, and fashion industries.This program will provide funding for 20 unemployed women in Cape Town, South Africa, to attend the African Academy of Fashion, which will focus on practical and hands-on training that will provide participants with the fundamental principles, techniques, knowledge, and tools needed to construct garments and accessories.

According to Tamburai Chirume, Co-Founder, ONEOFEACH:“Ultimately youth unemployment is growing rapidly in South Africa – currently sitting at 66.9 % and we believe that we have a responsibility to upskill people to start their own businesses or become available and equipped to work in creative businesses. We are excited and grateful to have partnered with the Fashion Impact Fund to move closer to contributing to this change.”

In 2014, Pauline and Tamburai created ONEOFEACH, a great brand. Tamburai has worked with major fashion magazines such as ELLE Bulgaria and has a background in retail and styling. She then entered the wealth and investment banking profession, where she assisted in the conceptualization of the ONEOFEACH dream. Pauline, her mother, has more than 35 years of expertise as a fashion designer and modern visual artist. They encourage a feeling of creative authenticity by combining modern fibers with traditional African designs.

Starting this Monday, 11 April 2022, sessions for the program will be held twice a week in Loop Street Cape Town at the ONEOFEACH Studio.

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