Nigerian Artisanal Luxury Shoe & Accessory brand MALIKO releases its SS21 Collection

As a major exporter of hides and skin – Nigeria exported at least US$5.14 Million worth of raw hides and skins (other than furskins) and leather to China during 2018, according to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade, It comes as a shock than many footwears sold in the country are imported.

Maliko, a Lagos-based artisanal accessory brand founded, Ebuka Omaliko (creative director) in its own way has helped to reduce the wide margin between export and imports of finished leather products. The brand aims to create iconic pieces using leather procured in Nigeria making use of local artisans in the country. Saving the already dying art in Nigeria due to high imports of leather products.

For Maliko’s Spring/ Summer 2021 collection, sticked to its mission, this time, drawing inspiration from time-consciousness and the intricacies of time management, waste management, people culture, and conscious living.


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According to the creative director ” I have always been inspired by my grandmother’s love and lifestyle towards the significance of time. She attached so much intent to the values that came with time, and how important it was for things to be done before, or at the exact time. Procrastination was the villain in her story, and of course, the heroes/heroine were the success stories that came with getting things done as at when due.”

The collection shows objects that represent time, for example, the clay pots and wooden chairs in each picture. Pottery and Woodwork are two of many ancient crafts in Nigeriathat is still being practised in most parts of the country tody. It is Nigeria’s most cultural material that has caught the attention and interest of early British archaeologists

Our favorites? Well the brown mini leather bag with intricate designs is a timeless accessory that would go well with your wardrobe no matter the season. Depending what item you pick, the collection seeks to evoke emotions on the intricacies of time and how time if managed.


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