Florence Pugh Debuts London Fashion Week in a Sequined Harlequin Suit and Halo Headpiece

For the London Fashion Week, Florence Pugh exhibited artistic elegance.

The Don’t Worry Darling actress launched the designer’s show while donning a sequined black and silver harlequin two-piece costume that included a black velvet corset with matching sequined cape sleeves and a maxi skirt with a thigh-high leg split. A huge, ring-shaped headgear that was likewise covered in the striking diamond print loomed over her back. Earrings from the Harris Reed x Missoma collaboration with a heavenly motif completed the combo.

“Clothing has a transformative power – whether for an actor or simply a performer on the stage of life,” The star of Don’t Worry, Darling told the crowd as she walked across the Tanks dressed in a style reminiscent of Henry Moore’s sculptures. “The art of dressing up allows us to express who we truly are, creating a safe space to inhabit in a sometimes judgmental world. Our costumes can change who we want to be seen as, and who we are destined to be. I invite you to embrace the lamé and sequins of life, because all the world’s a stage.”

Pugh, a friend of Reed’s, later reflected on her runway walk on Instagram.

“@harris_reed asked me to speak his words,” she wrote. “Only as I was learning them did I realize that my 13-year-old self was screaming the same thing. You wear yourself. And what you want to be seen as.”

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