The ‘Girl Math’ Trend Will Change The Way You Purchase luxury Products

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The trend of ‘girl math’ is gaining popularity on social media, where women justify their luxury purchases with humorous, logical reasons. However, the trend itself raises questions about gender norms, consumer psychology, and societal expectations, as it gains popularity.

Creator @livvuli explains that when a person is too broke to buy a luxury item, they justify it by buying it on sale for 40% off. This allows them to pocket $50 and buy a $60 shirt they like, only spending $10 more than if the sweater had been full price. This trend has gained 3.3 million views and over 500,000 likes on TikTok and Instagram.

On TikTok, many have rapidly expanded the practice by defending their purchases and providing further instances of “girl math.”

Girl Math also calculates the cost per wear of a product, resulting in a savings of $25 per wear for a $250 piece of apparel worn at least ten times. Another iteration meets the minimum purchase requirement for free shipping. Girl Math may add an additional item to your cart, saving even more money by receiving free shipping on both items. 

Girl Math can be applied in various situations, such as receiving a refund, paying with cash without a decrease in bank account balance, or attending a concert with pre-purchased tickets. Some creators have provided a version of Girl Math that involves adding the difference to a different savings account and rounding the whole amount to the nearest hundred. For example, if your bill is $70, round it up to $100 when adding up your budget.

The Origin of “Girl Math”

The peculiar craze, originating from a New Zealand radio show, has gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok. Millions of women have embraced this trend, transforming how they view and rationalize purchases. This trend honors the skill of astute reasoning, turning seemingly lavish outlays into wise investments. Designer handbags, luxury dinners, spa days, and humor are now the new weapons of choice for women fighting guilt over their spending.

Is it effective?

Experts suggest that “girl math” can be beneficial in making major purchases, as it helps to consider the frequency of use or wear of an item, which can help calm down the emotional part of the brain and activate the rational part. It’s important to be realistic about usage as it can significantly increase the cost per wear if the item becomes a showpiece in your closet.

The Downsides of Girl Math

Financial professionals are concerned about the potential unintentional promotion of excessive spending or dependency on buy-now, pay-later services in the context of girl math, a trend that some view as harmless entertainment. Brands are also grappling with the decision to support this trend or use their influence to promote fiscal restraint, as some individuals have experimented with it.

Christine Benz, Morningstar’s director of personal finance and retirement planning, emphasizes the importance of splurging on luxury goods, as most of them are depreciating assets. She emphasizes the need to weigh these purchases carefully and consider trade-offs, especially if they come at the expense of one’s economic standing.

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