Onyii Bekeh is extraterrestrial in new photos

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When it comes to inspiration, some find it travelling, books, and even in the little things from their environment. From indie designers to luxury megabrands, the fashion community has long looked to our intergalactic neighbors for inspiration – for Onyii Bekeh in recent photos she finds hers from these extraterrestrial references.

Sharing series of photos with her adoring fans Onyii turns her obsession with aliens into seriously striking frocks.

via instagram

Captioning the post: ♾ EXTRAterrestrial: When aliens make new human friends, they say, “You’re out of this world.” 🪐.

The alien/extraterrestrial look in recent times has gained popularity all over the world. A prominent feature of this beauty trend requires the removal of the eyebrows that sees influence from queens.

Transforming into a blue cute extraterrestrial, Onyii Bekeh looked out of this world with a ball gown and a flowery crown For her second look, Onyii journeyed into a futuristic space of fire & ice.

She captioned the post: A song Of fire & ice 🧊 ‘EXTRA Terrestrial’ is our perspective on “Out of the world “ fashion. A journey into a futuristic space where possibility and edge is a norm. A space safe for depth of imagination and intense creativity.

Before now, the alien look was quite extreme considered  “rebellious attitude towards quintessential beauty norms.” according to a report by WGSN. Recently alien beauty has re-emerged in a far less extreme but still meaningful way. By removing the eyebrows and playing with makeup, many have found they can still achieve the Non-binary essence of alien beauty while making it suitable for everyday wear. 

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