Mpho Lebajoa Style is Every Minimalist Dream – Here’s Why

Mpho Lebajoa is a South African fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger based in London. While her twin sister, Nyane Lebajoa is known for soft, wild and crazy style, Mpho is every minimalist’s dream. A minimal style personality is more simple and uncomplicated yet effortlessly chic. Mpho goes for neutral colors which includes white, black, gray, and sometimes brown and beige – earth toned.

Even in a jeans and tee, Mpho’s minimal style reflects everything about her. Not overly embellished, yet tailored to perfection. This gallery shows many eye catching minimalistic looks from the fashion icon.

Mpho Lebajoa Style is Every Minimalist Dream

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With untiring support by her mother, Mpho able to flaunt her style on non-uniform days at school. She later earned a BA Hons Degree in Fashion Buying. Mpho has collaborated with Miguided, Prety Little Thing and much more. The twin sisters have also graced the covers of ELLE magazine South Africa.

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