Kylie Jenner Dons A Vintage “Heel-Less” Heel

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In New York City, Kylie Jenner appeared to glide out rather than step out.


The social media sensation sported a Raf Simons spring/summer 2023 ensemble that included a hefty, thigh-skimming black leather jacket, a camel-colored knit dress, sunglasses, and a structured, helmet-shaped purse. Jenner stood in a pair of pointed black heels by Raf Simons that, at first glance, didn’t have a heel. The heels on the black pumps as seen above have what is known as a “cantilever heel,” which is positioned closer to the toes than the heel of the foot. The heel is concealed, making it virtually unnoticeable, through the cantilever effect, which may also be used to build other objects like bridges and houses.

According to Vogue, the shoes appeared on their publication as early as 1939. The article goes on to say nine well-known male industrial designers foresaw clothing items for future women in the article, including an electrically heated coat and a belt with a pocket for a two-way radio. A cantilever heel was first imagined by engineer and artist George Sakier, who described it as: “the standard heel, which is virtually a column and, therefore, implies bearing a load.”

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