All You Need To Know About The Coastal Grandmother Trend

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If you’ve never heard of the Coastal Grandmother trend, it was actually inspired by movies, particularly the work of Nancy Meyers and the aesthetic of her movies like Something’s Got To Give, It’s Complicated, and The Parent Trap. This is true even if you’re not one of the more than 100 million TikTok viewers who have seen the trend. It’s a wink to the carefree appearance of her female characters; picture Diane Keaton strolling by the water in a striped sweater and linen pants and looking utterly beautiful!

A celebration of feminine style, comfort, and enjoying the finest life possible on the coast. Many people have been rocking this look for years since it is totally timeless. Simply said, we are happy that it is now receiving the attention it rightfully deserves. involving a lot of vintage artifacts, many of which we already have. It has the air of someone with a second home in the Hamptons and is centered on adaptable fundamentals that are brought together with accessories.

What the term “coastal grandmother trend” means, where it originated, and how to wear it are all explained.

The word was just recently coined by TikToker Lex Nicoleta, who describes it as “ideal for folks who love beach vibes, cooking, and warm interiors,” despite the fact that the movies on which this trend is based were produced in the 1990s and 2000s. It comes as no surprise that the films from the 1990s and 2000s have influenced our sense of fashion since they are one of the key trends for 2022. When compared to the Barbiecore trend, which is loud and colorful, the Coastal Grandmother trend is the complete opposite; it is simple to wear and full of subdued colors.

The Coastal Grandmother trend gained popularity when Anne Hathaway shared a photo of herself online wearing a bucket hat, a white shirt, and cream pants. The actress captioned the photo, “I have been ready for #coastalgrandmother chic since before TikTok was born. May this moment never end.”

It’s an odd way to put it, but Anne Hathaway has proven that the look can be worn by people of all ages and that it actually celebrates the style and self-assurance of more mature women while also championing those essential wardrobe pieces. Some people find the term “Coastal Grandmother” offensive. However, not everyone agrees with the trend’s terminology.

The Coastal Grandmother aesthetic leans preppy, but it’s more understated and unassuming than that. Simple, high-quality essentials like large shirts, fantastic jeans, and a sun hat in elegantly neutral hues like white, tan, and beige as well as comfortable fabrics like linen, cashmere, silk, and cotton are the key. The Coastal Grandmother trend is much more than just a fashion statement because many of those who follow it also live the lifestyle. This is similar to how figuring out what is Cottagecore is a lifestyle rather than just a fashion choice.

A coastal granny would do the following list of ten things:

  1. Take her lover’s work shirt and wear it to dinner with ratty jeans.
  2. When inspiration comes, keep a pocket notebook nearby to record poetic expressions.
  3. Obtain fresh peonies from her garden (and just tend to a garden in general)
  4. Use only Le Labo detergent for your laundry4 o’clock, pop a bottle of red wine.
  5. Stroll the beach for a while (either solo or with her beloved dog)
  6. Put on your go-to stack of gold jewelry that you’ve collected from vintage shops over time.
  7. Swear by a minimalist wardrobe that consists solely of white, tan, and blue and green hues.
  8. Weekly afternoon tea party with her buddiesPut on a straw hat and attend every event

We have the must-have fashion essentials that will ensure you bring a little beach chic into your daily life even if you live in the center of a metropolis if the Coastal Grandmother trend appeals to you. Let’s face it, who would disagree with classic elegance and time spent by the ocean sipping Chablis?


Gingham is a fabric that is definitely on the list even though this design is primarily made up of neutral, pattern-free hues. It exudes a vintage, carefree charm, especially if you wear a loose-fitting dress. The same applies to flower designs; however, for a more genuine appearance, adhere to more neutral or blue hues. If neither of them appeals to you, stripes are a coastal essential that never goes out of style, especially when worn with a tunic-type dress.

Bodycon is out, and keeping your silhouette simple is key. Summer dresses that are comfortable and casual include loose t-shirt dresses, sun dresses, or the greatest shirt dresses in soft hues. For evening, go for a ’90s-inspired minimalist look and learn how to style a slip dress in black, cream, or blush. For accessories, keep it simple with a tiny pearl necklace or tasteful gold hoops.

Gingham Gauze Classic Shirtdress

Tiya Dress

Amor stripe-jacquard cotton tunic mini dress

Gathered organic cotton-jersey maxi dress


The clothes you purchase today will fortunately still be appropriate for upcoming seasons because this outfit is filled with fashion essentials. Choose natural materials like linen, cotton, or cashmere. To perfect this trend, learn how to style large shirts. This shirt style is one of the best you can have in your wardrobe, regardless of trends. It looks great worn tucked into cream jeans or as a beach cover-up. Invest on basic crew neck or cable knit sweaters, which should be slung over your shoulders at all times. Use it to add a dash of preppy chic to your ensemble by tying it over the aforementioned shirt, a floral dress, or even a jacket. Some of these items can also be included into your fall outfit inspiration.

However, Breton tops are the ones that really capture the coastal style. These shirts not only have a maritime background (they were originally created for the French navy), but also feature a loose, square fit and a neat stripe that perfectly complement the trend’s crisp, clean look.

Sporty & Rich
Vendome Breton Striped Cotton Top

Breton Stripe Crewneck Sweater

Iris Cable-Knit Turtleneck Sweater

Crewneck wool-blend sweater

Formentera organic-linen shirt

Workwear Linen Shirt


You will reach for these skirts year after year since they go with absolutely everything, making them a closet must even if they don’t blow the fashion world away. The preferred materials are linen and cotton, and, like with Coastal Grandmother dresses, they should be free and flowing for a carefree and comfortable vibe.

If you prefer a leaner fit column design but don’t care for A-line or tiered skirts, make sure it includes casual accents like a belt tie. Although you might wear this outfit with an unstructured blazer, your best white t-shirt or best sweater will seem more fashionable and more on-trend

Not to mention your accessories. Each ensemble by (Coastal Grandmother) is finished off with a bucket hat, vintage sunglasses, and sandals in a neutral color.

Front Vent A-Line Skirt

Carolina Herrera
Embroidered Tiered Stretch-Cotton Midi Skirt

Layla Silk Skirt

Ribbed Burnout A-Line Maxi Skirt


A Coastal Grandmother always opts for her wide-legged linen pants first when it comes to comfort. Even though it may seem intimidating to learn how to wear wide-leg pants, it’s actually surprisingly simple and has a tremendous positive impact on one’s appearance. Stick to wide-leg pants with a relaxed shape since they can make any outfit look elegant. Wear a linen shirt, blazer, and mules in the evening for a look that nailed smart-casual during the day. During the day, pair with a vest top and flip flops. If you’re not a fan of linen, choose a cropped jean in a light blue, cream, or beige color. Always keep in mind that this is a neutral aesthetic; avoid using bright colors or black denim.

Molly linen wide-leg pants

Brunello Cucinelli
Striped Linen Straight-Leg Pants




The comfortable flat trend has at last arrived. Simple, pared-down slip-on sandals are perfect for this trend because you need to be able to easily take them off for those long beach walks. A raffia sandal is a good option if you’re feeling a little more daring. Simple styles in neutral colors like tan, black, or beige are essential.

Choose a flat mule or a slim-fitting, directional loafer for those occasions that call for a dressier shoe. The key is that the shoe never takes center stage in this outfit; rather, it serves as the ideal finishing touch.

Lido 05 raffia sandals


Marilyn Mule Velvet 70

Sara Leather Loafers


The Coastal Grandmother trend features oversized bags that are very much in keeping with the handbag trends for 2022. You’re seeking for the finest tote bags that can double as the best beach bags for those days spent lounging by the seaside and carrying all those farmers’ market items.

Natural textiles are dominant once more; consider straw baskets, raffia patterns, canvas shopping bags, and buttery soft leather totes. Invest wisely in well-made items because you’ll be wearing them long after this trend has passed. These are timeless bags that are consistently a prominent look for the summer season.



Carlotta Ombre Straw Beach Tote Bag

Logo-jacquard raffia tote bag

Belts Belts Belts


Leather belt

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