34 Different Types of Fashion Style With Pictures

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Defining your fashion style can be daunting or intimidating. Some people already have an idea of what they’d love to wear and how they’d want to feel in their clothes but can just put it into words yet. To help we’ve gathered over 30+ types of fashion styles that can define your personality.

1. Casual Style

A casual fashion style describes a relaxed, occasional, spontaneous style that is suitable for everyday use. A casual style can be chic yet so comfortable especially with clothes on neutral black and white colors. With a casual style you can find the level of balance you want between your between your personal style, comfort and individuality.

It can also be somewhat formal in a work environment (business casuals) which may include blouses with a matching jacket or skirt paired with proper tunics.

Examples of casual wear include

  • Black jeans with a simple T
  • Cargo pants with crop top
  • Sweater with a mini skirt
  • Casual mini dress or vice versa
  • Casual starter pack typically consists of jeans, T-shirts, cardigans, skirts and sneakers

Pro tip: Whether you’re going out with your friends or heading to office on a casual Friday, learning how to play with layers is the key to a perfect outfit.

  • Add some accessories to your sweatshirt or a hoodie to switch from a day to night.
  • Instead of tracksuit, wear a mini skirt with mules for an elegant look.
  • Opt for leather pants in cool weather.

2. Vintage Fashion Style

Vintage describes clothing between 20 to 100 years that gives a clear representation of the era in which it was produced. That said, vintage fashion style clearly reflects fashion styles associated with that era.

It is all about old classy looks with a touch of gracefulness that always seem to be timeless. Examples of Vintage fashion style from the 1920s to 1990s.

1920s: heeled Mary janes, long beds, flapper dresses and T-strap shoes.

1930s: oxfords, peep-toe shoes, Bolero jackets, puffed and fluttery shoes, fedoras, slingbacks.

1940s: reptile handbags and shoes, platform shoes, brooches, straight tweed and wool plaid skirts.

1950s: twin sweater fur trim, shirtwaist dresses, full skirts and petticoats, strings of pearls, Wayfarer sung

1960s (Early) Elegant box – jacket suits and pillow hats. Anything Jackie Kennedy style.

Late: Bell buttom jeans, hippie/bohemian style, flowing tops.

1970s: boho-chic, flare jeans, boots (esp. thigh high), black heels, khaki platforms, Birkin bag

1980s: stilettos, golf shirts, gold chains, blazers and sweaters with strong shoulder pads.

1990s: chokers, big sweaters, leggings, baggy, flannel shirts.

Pro tip: To get your vintage clothes go to an official vintage store to get a wide collection of vintage pieces as well as professional help to aid your decision in vintage designs you’ll love.

When wearing vintage focus on accessories you can pair with your contemporary/modern clothes rather than going full vintage.

3. Trendy Fashion Style

Trendy defines something that is fashionable, up-to-date or in fashion. So, if you’re a trendy girl that means you follow and stay up-to-date with every fashion tren – you change your wardrope numerous times a year just to keep in touch with the latest. Fashion magazines like LEURR, Vogue are an easy way to keep up.

4. Chic Fashion style

Chic fashion simply means stylishness and elegance typically of a specified kind according to the Oxford English Dictioary. Though this word is oe of the most used and may seem ambiguous in the fashion industry. The word ‘Chic’ is used so much to a point that in today’s world it just means something cool.

How To Look Chic Instantly

 This kind of style involves mostly black and whites – monochromatic pieces with neutral unfussy colors and a sleet clean line that gives off “Miss Independent Vibes” .To look chic instantly

  • Pick clothes that can easily worn – focus on shoes and bag. Go for quality luxury bags and expensive shoes are really not needed, instead head towards accessories.
  • Show little amount of skin at the right places. Clothes that show off shoulders and ankle is key to look chic. Meaning, next time you want to go out opt for a pair of cropped jeans, off shoulder tops instead of a low-cut shirt or a min skirt.
  • Pro tip: Go an extra mile showing off your best features but not too much. Its best not to show both cleavage and legs at the same time.
  • Pay attention to details. Like we’ve said before, accessorizing is key. Wear at least one piece of jewelry. Also try giving your shoes and handbags a personal touch.

Most importantly be yourself – pick clothes you’re most comfortable with.

5. Artsy fashion Style

The artsy fashion style is unconventionally unique and tailored to the individuals’ taste. It is far different from traditional styling. People who follow this style make their own fashion rule, they do not follow any trend. Artsy lovers go for unusual garments, as well as handcrafted accessories and handmade fabrics.  It can be an outfit you think of and made or some sort of artsy designer.

Though its definition is wide and varies between individuals – you’ll need to try different combo and experiment to find a version that suits your artsy taste and preference.

Note: This style is for the bold and creative.

How to Wear Artsy Style

  • Go for a Dramatic Jewelry: These unique custom handmade pieces add a touch of personality to your look.
  • Mix prints: Mix a polka dot top with floral pants for more creative and artsy look. The trick is wearing matching colors or colors from same family
  • Pair an asymmetrical tunic with black leggings (or skinny jeans) or any color of choice. Instead of regular boring tops with angled or high – low hemlines go for asymmetric top for a more creative feeling.
  • Add an artisan piece of jewelry for a dramatic look.
  • Finish off with a pair of flat boots.

6. Exotic Fashion Style

Exotic style is centered on long flowing lines, rich smokey colors, mysterious ornate patterns, mosaics, iridescent textures, shiny jewelry, intricate embroidery and prints that stands out and makes you the center of attraction. The growing fashion trend is highly influenced by Arabian and Indian elements. Clothes are always complemented with exotic makeup making you look different yet so glamorous.

7. Bohemian Fashion Style


The bohemian style is related to the hippie fashion. The whole idea of this fashion comes with aesthetic originating in the late 60’s and 70’s which includes retro patterns, natural fabrics and warm shades fused with 70s style accents and a finesse for statement accessories.

Its modern/contemporary version is the Boho Chic Style which uses handcrafted clothes made from natural materials. The style is known for its free-flowing relaxed handcrafted clothes.  

How to Dress Boho With What You Have in Your Wardrobe

  • White lace top
  • Mixed print tunic
  • Flared jeans
  • The color palette
  • Harem paint
  • Ethnic print
  • Peasant top
  • Boho print
  • Maxi skirt
  • Pallazo ant
  • Embroided prairie blouse
  • Boho print kimono
  • Distressed denim shorts
  • Chunky heeled clogs
  • Sheepskin coat
  • Embroided suede
  • Ankle boots
  • Gladiator sandals
  • Oversize scarf
  • Brown fringe bag
  • Turquoise jewelry
  • Always pick fabrics that provide a natural shade to your skin – earth toned fabrics
  • Layer your clothes. A perfect example  – pair a skin toned textured vest, long cardigan, jacket over a halter jumpsuit. Finish off your look with strappy sandals. Add matching necklace and bracelets. Avoid too many layers, keep things clean and classy.

8. Grunge

Grunge fashion style is inspired by the 1980s rock musical which features heavy electric guitar and dragging lyrics. This fashion style places emphasis on layering. Specifically ripped denim, leather jackets, flannel shirts, combat boots, metallic jackets, slogan tees, mom jeans, fishnet stockings, beanies and slouchy sweaters.

9. Vibrant fashion style

Vibrant fashion style is full of life, vivacity and energy. This style is for those who wish to step outside the box from time to time or generally just love the attention. It is mix of bright hues, fun patterns, explosion of colors, exaggerated embroidery.

10. Sexy fashion

Just as the name implies, sexy fashion stye is all about fashion pieces that make you feel effortlessly sexy. It involves showing a god amount of skin. Clothes for this style accentuate your figure, flaunting your bodily assets excellently.

What to wear to look sexy

Fabric items such as miniskirts, body-con dresses, crop tops, low crop top etc. Can easily give you a sexy look. Remember, sexy fashion style focuses on shown off your best features but it’s not meant for everyone – you need to be bold and confident to pull this style off effortlessly.

Try this style combo to look sexy

  • A white top, black miniskirt, a pair of strappy heels
  • Hot pink top and shoes, stripped blazer, black skinny jeans paired with a black handbag
  • Grey suit and a metallic bag
  • Black skinny pants, hot blazer ad a pair of black shoes.
  • A white button down, leather pants, black handbag and a pair of black shoes etc.
  • A bodycon dress with matching heels.
  • A button down with a pencil skirt and pair of heels

11. Ankara Fashion Style

African prints are very much in trend among Africans. The style refers to wearing clothes made from the vibrant and colorful pattern made with African prints.

12. Preppy fashion

The preppy fashion style was created from the youth subculture of classic north American Universities. Today it’s the subsequent choice for upper and upper-middle class associated with such conditions. 

This fashion style continues to influence people outside the campuses as well. It includes fabrics such as polo shirts, straight leg chinos, shirt skirts, Henley shirts, crew neck sweaters etc.

13. Elegant Fashion

Elegant and classy fashion styling is timeless. It entails fabrics that will last into the next decade such as silk, linen, wool and cotton. All pieces are expensive and intricate – the style is perfect combo of sophistication and sexy.

14. Girly Fashion

This style is girls and women who love the traditional feminine style. It involves lots of skirts, dresses, blouses, ribbons, hairbands, bows, flowers etc.

15. Punk fashion Style

This fashion style is the clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and body modifications of the punk subculture. Punk style is characterized by lots of leather especially jackets and pants paired with band tees, boots, skinny jeans, studs and spike. Truth is, not everyone can pull off this look, it comes with a lot of attitude and boldness for personality.

10 must haves for punk rock fashion style includes

  • Punk leather jacket
  • Punk boots
  • Spiked clothing and accessories
  • Plaid patterns
  • Skull rings
  • Punk rock dresses
  • Punk hoodies
  • punk hair color
  • Leather corsets
  • Skull purse

16. Gothic Fashion Style

Gothic fashion style is marked by dark, mysterious, antiquated and homogenous features. Everything about this style is black – black hair, black lips, black boots, black shirts etc.

17. Tomboy fashion Style

Tomboy style consist of conventional clothing, baggy and void of anything remotely considered girly. This fashion style can be described as a fusion of modernity and simplicity.

How to dress Like a Tomboy

  • Keep things simple while wearing a beige coat, a blue knit jumper with long white T-shirt, Jeans and a pair of sneakers.
  • Grey slacks paired with adidas sneakers and a white tee – for a classic boyish style
  • A two-piece suit paired with sneakers and a simple bralette underneath
  • Distressed denim mom jeans + oversized blazer + combat boots
  • Long sleeved tee + jeans + cute bag
  • Skinnies + leather jacket

18. Girl Next Door fashion

The girl next door fashion style is simple, sweet and comfortable. This fashion style reflects who you are as a person. It does not include trendy clothes or anything too loud or exotic or vibrant – just plain elegance. A simple tee top and jean will do. Your accessories should reflect the simplicity that comes with this style.

19. Office Fashion style (Formal)

Formal fashion style covers what to wear to the office, for important business meetings, job interview, promotion interview or an office event. This fashion style commands respect and authority. For a smart and sophisticated look, your wardrobe must include skirts, blazers or suits, pencil heels, formal shirts and appropriate accessories.

20. Rocker Fashion Style

This fashion style hangs on your favorite rock band or the type of rock music you listen to – Ramones or Metallica etc. Rocker fashion starter pack includes leather jackets, ripped denim, boots, pants and studs.

21. Sporty Fashion Style

Sports fashion style is all about sports and also being comfortable with your clothes and body. It includes activewear, outdoorsy, sportswear to menswear.

22. Garcone Fashion Style

Garcone is French for tomboy. It embodies a quietly assured masculine – feminine style. Garcone fashion style includes jeans, loose fit blouse, tees paired with shiny loafers. For perfect styling pair some rugged menswear with your girly attire.

23. Maternity Fashion Style

AS the name suggest, this fashion style includes contemporary outfits with relaxed fitting that accommodates your baby bump during pregnancy. This style is all about being attractive, confident, feeling good although pregnancy.

24. Cowgirl Fashion Style

This style reflects the 19th century wild west era. It involves hats, blue jeans, leather belts, pair of boots and a button-up shirt.

25. Evening Fashion

For women, evening fashion style involves glittery evening gowns and cocktail dress suitable for an evening wedding party ball. Dinner party that you need to attend.

26. Lolita Fashion

Lolita fashion style is a subculture from Japan that is highly influenced by Victorian clothing and style from the Rococo period. This fashion style is suitable for girls and teens in their early 20s and includes frilly petticoats, cute headwear, light jackets, printed socks, cute headwear, light jackets, printed socks, cuffs and gloves etc.

27. Kawaii Fashion

Kawaii fashion style is a culture of cuteness in Japan now generally accepted worldwide. Fashion pieces are extremely feminine and girly in nature.

28. Hip/Hop Fashion

The hip hop fashion style complements the expressions and attitude of hip-hop culture originating from African American, Latin America and from inner city youth in New York city etc. Hip Hop style trends involve baggy or loose clothing vintage basketball jerseys, baggy polo and button downs etc.

29. Chav Fashion

Chav is a pejorative term used to describe certain type of youth who predominantly wore sportswear. It features tracksuits bottoms/jogging bottoms, hoodie, jeans, baseball cap, puffer jacket, anorak, loafers etc.

30. Geeky Chic Fashion

This fashion style is all about embracing your inner geek with a fashionable twist. Geek chic fashion style include loose fitting, baggy pants, hair slides, loafers, oversized spectacles.

31. Military Fashion

It includes pieces such as combat boots, camouflage prints, green khaki and desert gray color. The fashion style is comfortable with wide belts and patch pockets.

32. Lagenlook Fashion

Lagenlook is translated ‘layering look’ it involves layering multiple unconventional pieces of clothing an individual look that reflects your personal style. This style is said to have originated in Europe, Germany to be specific.

33. K-pop Fashion

K-pop fashion style is influenced by Korean popular music – music genre that originated in South Korea trend includes denim skirts, berets, off-shoulder, checkered skirts etc.

34. Vacation Fashion

This style include fashion pieces that are suitable for vacation.

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