Explore Rihanna’s Vast Collection of Vintage Handbags

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It’s no secret that Rihanna is a vintage enthusiast; she has everything from a rare 1980s Jean Paul Gaultier item to a bubblegum pink 1990s Chanel coat. That undoubtedly holds true for her extensive collection of handbags, which is filled with priceless items that only the most acute eyes would have noticed.

Vintage Gucci Bag

Recently, the megastar was spotted carrying a Gucci bag from the spring/summer 1996 collection that was made by Tom Ford, purchased from archivist Lab2022, and had the designer’s signature python pattern. RiRi has worn Tom Ford’s Gucci creations before, and her ’90s velvet monogrammed purse is a mainstay of her collection.


Rihanna kicked off the summer in 2021 with a cheeky Chanel Insta moment. Instagram: @mdollas11

Rihanna covered her cheeky, cherry-printed swimsuit with two stunning, little red Chanel cross-bodies. The small purses, which were just big enough to fit a credit card and a lipstick, stood for luxury. The picture-perfect plush pair, which is remarkably difficult to locate, is the result of vintage sleuths searching the market for unique treasures for the entrepreneur.


The “Umbrella” singer celebrated the success of her immensely famous Fenty lip glosses with a colorful Instagram picture in which she flaunted her spoils – a textured orange jacket printed with double C logos and a matching tangerine flap bag. The look was a high-low combination of classics and streetwear, as is typical of Rihanna’s style, and was paired with a denim skirt and heeled turquoise sandals.


Fast forward to September 2022, the pop icon has recently added a new item to her collection: a 1992-vintage purple Chanel weekend duffel bag. RiRi’s attire, which consists of a bomber jacket, a graphic T-shirt, and joggers, is ordinarily (relatively) understated, but the combination of the prominent logo and the striking hue makes it anything from modest.

Vintage Dior Saddle Bag


Another favorite is old-school Dior. A camouflage print saddle bag from the French fashion brand that Rihanna wore with a pregnancy crop top earlier this year, as well as a Noughties tie-dye version, are among the iconic saddle bags she has. The singer prefers rare collectors’ pieces like the company’s bowling bag from the early 2000s, which is once again in a camouflage design, as opposed to just sticking to conventional models in neutral colors that go with everything.

Vintage Fendi Squirrel bag

Rihanna’s expanding collection of vintage Fendi bags fits this description as well. The brand’s unique velvet Squirrel Spy bag was added to the collection of the cosmetics tycoon in March.

Rihanna with the vintage Fendi Squirrel bag AKGS

she wore it with a miniskirt by Attico, a sweatshirt by Awake, and embellished shoes by Amina Muaddi.

Vintage Fendi Croissant bag 

The megastar with a vintage Fendi Croissant bag in April 2021.  AKGS/Backgrid

Her vintage collection also includes the iconic Fendi Croissant shape bag, sourced from Vintage By Misty

 LV X Stephen Sprouse Pochette bag


When Marc Jacobs was in charge of design, Sprouse added his distinctive graffiti-style artwork to the recognizable Louis Vuitton emblem for the prized collection, of which Rih is the proud owner of a redesigned Pochette bag. The singer was seen this week walking around Los Angeles with her coveted It-bag while sporting an oversized top and Nike X Off-White Air Jordan 4s.

Stephen Sprouse’s take on the Louis Vuitton Pochette at the maison’s spring/summer 2001 show. Victor VIRGILE

Tom Ford-era velvet monogrammed bag

The Fenty businesswoman’s dinner attire on a July last year was everything from understated. Rihanna entered the Greenwich institution wearing a Vaquera pyjama-slip dress hybrid, playing on the conceal and expose style she does so well, in place of her go-to Amina Muaddi heels and new Luis De Javier pumps. She signaled out as a lady who knows her way around an underwear drawer with a Gucci velvet monogram bag in her hand, a Briony Raymond gigantic Pisces pendant, and layers of Vivienne Westwood freshwater pearls flowing down her black lace.

Vintage Louis Vuitton soccer bag.

Rihanna at the UEFA Champions League in 2019 with her vintage Louis Vuitton soccer bag, first made to commemorate the 1998 World Cup. 

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