You Can Check Your Health With This Gucci Smart Ring


Incorporating fashion into the cutting-edge of health and fitness is a brand-new piece of Gucci jewelry. Ōura, a Finnish firm that created a “smart ring” to give users individualized health information and advice, and the fashion house today announced their new collaboration. There you have it—the Gucci x Ōura Ring, crafted from 18-karat yellow gold and featuring the company’s recognizable interlocking G emblem. The black PVD-coated titanium band is decorated with a braided torchon design, giving it a unique look that sets it apart from standard fitness gear.


The ring is equipped with Generation 3 technology from Ōura, which includes a number of cutting-edge research-grade sensors that can scan different bodily vitals and then transmit individualized health indicators. According to a news release, the ring’s sensors provide a “far stronger signal than wrist-based wearables” that deliver comparable health data.

The Gucci x Ōura Ring measures a variety of statistics, including temperature, heart rate, and breathing rate, in order to pinpoint any potential health impacts from stress or disease. The ring also has a sleep analysis feature that monitors sleep quality based on vital signs and the amount of time spent in each stage of sleep.The daily translation and summarization of the individualized metrics into various scores and insights that provide wearers advice on how to improve their health are all accessible through the Ōura app.

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