Introducing “Valentino Sleeping Stock,” Valentino’s New Sustainable Fashion Initiative

Illustrazioni di Annika Huett

In a new upcycling initiative, Valentino is collaborating with Parisian fabric retailer Tissu Market to encourage the imaginative, ethical redistribution of excess textiles kept in the archives of the opulent brand but never used.

Since the beginning of the Valentino partnership with Tissu Market in September 2021, 22,000 meters of textiles from the men’s and women’s haute couture and ready-to-wear collections have found new homes. Tissu Market has made the works of Pierpaolo Piccioli’s available to a clientele involved in opera, theatre, film, and fashion design. These materials include chiffon, taffeta, dévoré satins, floral-print crêpe de chine, silk georgette, and guipure lace.

Valentino Sleeping Stock by Annika Huett. As Seen On VOGUE
Valentino Sleeping Stock by Annika Huett. As Seen On VOGUE

The luxury brand has so far conserved over 1 million cubic meters of water, which is equal to the amount of 442 Olympic swimming pools, and averted around 265 tons of CO2 emissions thanks to the Valentino Sleeping Stock project. In the spirit of giving back, all proceeds from the sale of the textiles will go to Valentino’s Bottega dell’Arte, a six-month initiative launched in 2015 with the goal of developing new partners for the brand.

“At the origin of this initiative there is a profound personal and shared conviction: the importance of upcycling as an engine of change that we intend to establish in the fashion sector. The pursuit of excellence, inclusivity and engagement through the creative process are some of the core values we share and will guide the next steps of this unique partnership,” founder of Tissu Market Franck Lellouche commented.

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