Topship Africa’s Newest Fashion Entrepreneur Program

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Topship Africa, a global shipping and delivery network, introduced the Topship Fashion and Design Grant in May 2022 to demonstrate its support for African SMEs & SMBs, particularly fashion designers and business owners. The grant program aimed to provide these companies with $3500 in scale-up cash, worldwide visibility relationships, and mentorship opportunities in collaboration with top e-commerce advocates and facilitators.

The top 10 finalists were given to a private dinner with the grant judges, partners, and partners on Tuesday, July 12, 2022 to wrap off the project and present the top 3 winners.

Grand Prize Winner ($2,500): Seta the Label (by Denrele Agoro) 

Denrele Agoro, CEO of Seta The Label and winner of the grand award, claims that Seta The Label seeks to fulfill the modern lady by developing straightforward and classic looks that complement every woman’s wardrobe. She intends to spend the $2,500 in Seta Prints, one of her subsidiary brands.

A fabric printing business called Seta Prints serves small-scale, innovative pattern printing needs of regional fashion companies. With Seta Prints, emerging fashion firms in Nigeria may avoid importing fabrics from China and Turkey and instead focus on developing distinctive prints and distinctive brands.

First runner-up ($1,000) was The 1964 Brand by Kunmi Oni, 2nd runner-up (3 months of Free shipping) – 21 Wool Street by Elizabeth Adedeji, and Meji Meji by Tolulope Oye.

In addition to the Top 3, Topship gave the other finalists—Pith Africa, Ankarabae by Presh Talker, Henri Uduku, Bfits, 1964, Green & Co, and Spice of Lagos Adire—free membership into The Assembly, which offers professional development and networking opportunities for African creatives, as well as customized notes and feedback from the judges and reduced shipping costs.

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