NKWO Releases Slides Made from Ghanaian sack

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NKWO used Ghanian sack to make a gender fluid slide – Hope Slides. Depending on what part of the world you stay in, the Ghanian sack goes by different names. In America, the bag is known as ‘Chinatown tote’, in Germany, it’s called a ‘Tuekenkoffer’ which translates to ‘Turkish suitcase’ and in Guyana (Country in South America), ‘Guyanese Samsonite’.

NKWO is long known to its commitment to sustainable fashion and textile recycling. In the Nkwo Onwuka, the designer behind NKWO own words: “What is the point in creating more than we can use, if it causes us to live less of a life? These are words we live by as we are conscious of the impact running a fashion label has on the environment.’’.

Aside Ghanian sacks,the Lagos based brand also experiments with Dakala fabric originally developed by Nkwo Design Studio to reduce textile waste and preserve a traditional craft form. And also second hand fabric.

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