LVMH Prize Reveals Finalists for the 2024 Edition

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The prestigious LVMH Prize has recently unveiled its highly anticipated lineup of finalists for the year 2024. Among the exceptional talents are Aubero by Julian Louie from the United States. Duran Lantink from the Netherlands, Ellen Hodakova Larsson from Sweden, Marie Adam-Leenaerdt from Belgium, Niccolò Pasqualetti from Italy, Paolo Carzana from the UK, Pauline Dujancourt from France, and Standing Ground by Michael Stewart from Ireland. These finalists embody the pinnacle of artistic expression and innovation, as we eagerly await the announcement of the winner.

This year, the LVMH Prize has returns with eight finalists, competing for three prizes instead of the usual two. The Savoir-Faire Prize, a reward for craftsmanship, sustainability, and technical innovation, is added to the Grand Prize and Karl Lagerfeld Prize. The list includes four men, three women, and one non-binary individual. Although it is one of the most gender-inclusive finalists, it is not the most ethnically diverse, with no Asian, Black, or Latin American designers making the final cut.

Christian Dior CEO Delphine Arnault praised the diversity and richness of the 11th LVMH Prize semi-final, highlighting the designers’ commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability. She also expressed delight that two former semi-finalists, Duran Lantink and Niccolò Pasqualetti, have reached the final. Lantink, first shortlisted for the 2019 edition, gained popularity since his Paris debut in March 2023, while Pasqualetti was first a semi-finalist in 2022. Both designers emphasize the importance of resilience and skill refinement in the design industry.

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