Everything You Need To Know About Pichulik, South African Brand

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“Pichulik is inspired by the intimate relationships women have jewelry – it speaks of her travels, her mother or grandmother and the people she has loved. We celebrate Africa and jewellry and ornamentation as a sacred conduit for healing, community and wisdom share”

Pichulik founded by Katherine-Mary Pichuli in 2012 is a South African ethical brand for handcrafted jewelry in Cape Town. Locally sourced, all materials used are gotten within Africa while design pieces are made in Woodstock, Cape Town. The iconic ropes which are made by local crafters are combined with signature stones and metals from across the African continent.

Recognized for its distinctive use of rope in a rainbow of colors combined with metal and stone – Pichulik  for the most part uses overruns of Polypropylene rope (PPM) number 5 on the recyclable chart. Polypropylene are fully recyclable at the end of their life. Beads, glass, hand carved agate and camlian, semi precious stones all locally sourced from Ghana are the other components used in the jewelry making (All off-cuts from crafting are used from producing new pieces of jewelry).

When it comes to sustainability of Pichulik’s business model Katherine states: “in terms of overall development, I also have an education programme for our crafters.”

According to Chiappini Young, CO-FOUNDER AND CEO – “Pichulik embraces sustainibilty from a human perspective. Our designs are intentionally handcrafted to build the social equity of our crafters and preserve their skills. All pieces are assembled and showcased in our studio in the east city of Cape Town in order to promote the development of our local economy.”

The brand (Pichulik’s) pieces fit seamlessly into our woman’s wardrobe, and our two aesthetic speak to the same woman. Pichulik has always appreciated the understated elegance and wanderlust of Malene BirgerDanish fashion designer.

The word “woman” according to Pichulik means a woman who is intelligent, curious and international about how she lives her lifer, which encompasses the objects, activities and people that form part of it. “She is conscious of he impact and how her decisions affect others”.

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