Chloë Grace Moretz Is Currently In An Emo Phase

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Karwai Tang

Thanks to her role as brand ambassador for Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s maestro of historicism, Chloe Grace Moretz is well known for hopping between historical eras on the red carpet, from Regency regalia to Space Age-centric tailoring.

However, for a screening of the sci-fi thriller The Peripheral on Amazon Prime, in which Moretz plays the lead character Flynne Fisher, she went for a decidedly more Noughties-inspired look, evoking the decade’s melancholy emo era, which is remembered for an excessive amount of eyeliner and extensions.

Fortunately, Moretz was more focused on a pair of eye-catching striped underwear than dubious hair accessories. She chose a bright outfit from Molly Goddard’s spring/summer 2023 line that had a translucent fuchsia skirt and pink licorice high-waisted trousers. Her hair was brushed back to provide a touch of elegance, and her makeup was kept as natural as possible to ensure the appearance was more grown-up than grunge.

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