Lila Moss Carries On Kate’s Love of Ballet Flats as a Fashion Birthright

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Lila Moss has inherited several traits from Kate Moss, including a commitment to wearing ballet flats without socks. Lila is fortunate enough to inherit this privilege, thanks to her mother’s unwavering support for Repetto’s iconic ballerina shoes, which have become an integral part of Kate Moss’s signature style.

Lila Moss, in Manhattan, sported cargo pants, metallic Repettos (the brand’s iconic Cendrillon silhouette), and a loose-fitting sweater. With a style icon mother, the 21 year old possesses a wardrobe brimming with elegant designer pieces and adopts a relaxed approach to dressing, enhancing her look with accessories and refined silhouettes.

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See her outfit for an event in Paris, where Moss opted for a light gray style with an elegant edge, wearing a neat, boxy-cut jacket for a crisp spring day. She paired the look with black bootleg jeans and a tall-heeled boot, keeping her silhouette streamlined and smart.

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