Justin Bieber Elevates Hailey’s Ultimate Anniversary Gift

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The Biebers celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary with Alex Moss bling, featuring two mushroom-shaped pendants adorned with five large stones, with one cap covered in yellow diamonds and larger spots and the other in a blue cap with multicolored spots in purple, orange, green, red, and white.

Courtesy of Alex Moss

Bieber had the perfect chance to rock his anniversary gift in Los Angeles while walking hand in hand with Hailey. He paired it with a navy T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, Birkenstocks, socks, and a backwards cap. Hailey, on the other hand, wore a leather blazer and paired it with black pants and a tank top. True to form, her accessories included rectangular sunglasses, a tote bag, black pumps, and a statement gold earring.  

The New York-based designer Alex Moss is known for creating eye-catching, unique, and widely talked-about celebrity jewelry. His work has been admired by celebrities like A$AP Rocky, Tyler, The Creators, and Drake. Moss is set to release a second public collection exclusively at Maxfield in Los Angeles.

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