Gigi Hadid Arrives in NYC With Carrie Bradshaw’s Favorite It-Bag

Carrie Bradshaw has always had a particular fondness for her Fendi Baguette among all her odd and wonderful designer items. The house’s Baguettes became a series staple in Sex and the City, and more recently in the follow-up And Just Like That, and became closely associated with Sarah Jessica Parker’s character.

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A younger demographic of clientele has been drawn to Fendi Baguettes as a result of Bradshaw’s endorsement of the brand. Gigi Hadid, who was recently seen in Bradshaw’s home city of New York carrying a floral little Baguette, is one of them. Her grungy charcoal jeans and vintage black leather coat were balanced out by the supermodel’s bright bag, and she stayed warm in a beanie from her own line, Guest In Residence, which specializes in knitwear.

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