Alexa Chung’s Favorite Noughties Handbag Is Returning To The Scene

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Alexa Chung just showed off a vintage handbag that personifies her distinctive aesthetic vision. The fashion icon revealed in an Instagram post that she just rediscovered her “ancient” brown satchel from 2006, adorned with a customized blue guitar-patterned strap.

Instagram/ @AlexaChung

The fashion elite, notably Victoria Beckham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, quickly made the legendary Roxanne the must-have item in the mid 2000s after Mulberry first debuted it in 2004. Mulberry launched smaller versions of its famous bags in 2021 to commemorate the British label’s 50th anniversary in collaboration with Alexa Chung.

Talkin to British Vogue at that time, Chung said: “Mulberry was the first handbag I bought myself with the first pay cheque I made as a model, and so it has always been a hugely significant brand to me” Adding, “When I was younger, I thought Mulberry was about as sophisticated, classic, elegant and forever as it got – and I can’t really shift that, because what I thought as a teenager is part of my essence.“ 

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