3and4 Fashion presents “Clothes Are Wanderers Too” Collection

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3and4 Fashion, a fast rising fashion label recently released “Clothes Are Wanderers Too” Collection. The haute couture and women’s wear brand in a statement said that the “narrative was to personify the garments as wanderers in a costant quest to explore and experience some sense of newness through an art of roaming (REPETITION) on the human form.”

Exaggerated Tulle dress

“Clothes Are Wanderers Too”

3and4 fashion run by Maggi (Creative Director) disclosed that the idea was to create functional garments that will live several lives and thrive without the idea of season.

 “Ladee” dress

“Asy” skirt

“Ladee” dress paired with “Asy” skirt

“Tom” dress

 “Tom” dress paired with a pant trouser

“SO” dress 

“waso” Skirt

 “TheTosin’s” jacket styled with “THEBETTY” skirt 

“THEBETTY” skirt

 “ThePhina’s” top paired with “THEBETTY”

“GEN” Dress

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