14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

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Pleated skirts are unquestionably at the top of the list of fashions with staying power. We’ve seen them pretty much everywhere in recent months, from the popular Miu Miu mini, which has become a photographic favorite, to lengthier maxi variants, also known as a new celebrity favorite. Even with all that diversity and adaptability, styling can still leave us perplexed at times. However, we also yearn for pleated-skirt ensembles that are a little more exciting and fashionable. Sure, adding a structured shirt or simple sweater to the mix is always an easy solution.


Pleated skirts are fashionable and in style. Every body type look wonderful with the exquisite extended hemline and tightened waist. They can be dressed down with flats and a biker jacket, depending on your mood and schedule, or dressed up with classic heels and a slender top. It’s the ideal fusion of feminine sophistication and street style.

Other reasons include:

1. They may be styled for every season and occasion because to their extreme versatility.
2. You may create countless stylish outfits for every season. Dress down a pleated midi skirt with a denim jacket, bomber jacket, moto jacket, and shoes or dress it up with a gorgeous shirt and heels. There are countless ways to wear skirts with pleats.
3. Outfits with pleated skirs are as cozy as they are stylish.
4. You’ll keep it in your closet for many years as a fundamental piece of clothing.

To help you get some styling inspiration for a pleated skirt, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks.

By Hue

Pleated Skirt in Black and White

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

With this black and white pleated skirt, you can add a little yin to your yang. To break up this outfit’s monochromatic appearance, pair it with a top in a striking hue like red, pink, or yellow. Pumps in black are the finishing touch.

Metallic Pleated Skirt

Use a metallic pleated skirt to show off your street smart side while making up for your book smart side with a stylish white top. To nail this look, tuck it in, style your hair in a bun, and put on a leather purse and pointed heels.

Pleated Skirt And Crop Top

Put on for instance pleated peach skirt and embellished sequin crop top and get ready to party. This clothing shouts “minimalist style” if that’s what you choose without making you look uninteresting. Try it out with a neon-colored top and eye-catching shoes to stand out.

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

Red Pleated Skirt

A black noodle strap top will look great with this edgy red pleated skirt. This ensemble has a lovely flow thanks to the wedges, beachy waves, hoops, and crossbody bag.

Gold Pleated Skirt

This style is useful for those mornings when you decide to “go all out or nothing.” Take advantage of being unconventional by becoming party-ready with these pieces. Put on an oversized coat or shrug, purple booties, and red lipstick to finish this look. Tuck a turtleneck T-shirt into a gold pleated skirt.

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

Formal Pleated Skirt

Tired of consistently putting on business-casual slacks and structured skirts? The uniformity can be broken up with box-pleated skirts. Box pleats give your clothing definition without giving it a too-casual appearance. To rock your professional style, combine it with a pristine white or pastel blouse, sexy sandals, and a leather tote.

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

Floral Pleated Midi Skirt

Looking for something retro or traditional? The skirt’s floral pleating fits the atmosphere. Choose a shirt in a neutral hue, such as black, to highlight the skirt. Keep it basic, tuck it in, and finish with a bun that is tightly wrapped. Put on neutral makeup, but emphasize your face with a bronzer. The best footwear options in this situation are kitten heels or ankle strap sandals.

Pleated Maxi Skirt

Maxi-skirt afficionado? In the summer, they appear carefree and are equally at ease. Adding layers, such as a chambray shirt and Converse sneakers, or keeping it simple with a white tank or crop top, are both options. In any case, you really must keep one of these in your closet.

Pleated Mini Skirt

Can it be much more posh, refined, and sophisticated than this? A low bun, red lipstick, neutral makeup, no accessories, and a pleated miniskirt with an oversized turtleneck jumper. Please give it a shot!

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

Dramatic Pleated Skirt

Have to go to a posh party? To further dress it up without going overboard, choose a pleated skirt in the form of a ball gown that balloons out to create a lovely silhouette. Select a silk halter-neck blouse, tuck it in, and add a substantial waist belt to make the outfit look balanced. Wear peep-toed shoes and a large purse to complete the ensemble.

Plus Size Pleated Skirt

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

Choose a knee-length box-pleat skirt if wearing long pleated skirts makes you feel self-conscious. Even with plain tops, prints like polka dots are timeless and look terrific. This is a stylish and enjoyable attire to wear out for lunch or shopping.

Tiered Pleated Skirt

For example, with a royal blue tiered pleated skirt, you’ll exude royalty and style. Keep it straightforward with a simple black tank top, or dress it up with a pastel sequin top, brown lipstick, large tan glasses, a bun in your hair, and stiletto shoes.

Pleated Skirt And Blazer

You can experiment in the gray area of your office’s dress code in a way that no one can object to. Consider wearing a jacket with a pleated skirt. Let the rest be plain and subdued.

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirt And Denim Jacket

Pleated skirt and a denim jacket? why not An eccentric denim jacket, a delicately pleated polka-skirt, and Sneakers are all combined in one look. Put some large loops in your hair and half-updo it.

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirt With Hoodie

Getty Images

Opposites do attract, and when it comes to these ensembles, it makes sense. Combine a sweatshirt that is extremely casual with this blush pleated skirt that is oh-so-feminine. Adapt the accessories to your mood.

Pleated Skirt Monochrome Look

Anyone up for a monochromatic outfit with a pleated skirt? If you are unsure about how to approach other colors, go all out with black. It is distinctive and very fashionable.

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirt And White Shoes

When you wear your pleated skirt with a pristine white shirt and chunky sneakers, you’ll seem cool, collected, and stylish.

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

Via Season

Make It Winter-Proof

Pleated miniskirts may seem more appropriate for summer, but you can wear them in winter by teaming them with a bulky knit, a puffer coat, tights, and even snow boots.

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

Layer Up

You’re prepared to step things up. By wearing it over a pair of jeans, you may keep your skirt looking more laid-back and eccentric.

Preppy Thing

Margot Robbie Rocks School-Girl Pleats And A New Red Dye Hairdo

We completely understand if pleated skirts conjure images of schoolcore. Style a short version of the trend by pairing it with crew socks, a button-down shirt, and a structured blazer. Put on a tie or scarf to complete the Gossip Girl look.

Make It a Statement Piece

When things become hot, make your printed, pleated skirt the focal point of your ensemble. Wear it with a basic top, such as a bralette, tank, or T-shirt, and finish the outfit with a pair of neutral shoes or sneakers to let the attention-grabbing bottom take center stage.

Let Loose

Relax in a looser fit if you’re seeking simplicity and comfort. Put on an oversized shirt and a long, pleated skirt, and finish the look with a timeless shoe and a striking purse.

When it comes to accessories, experiment

Keep the foundation simple with a T-shirt before getting wild with accessories and footwear if you’re truly trying to liven up your pleated-skirt outfit. Add a baseball cap, several bracelets, and edgy ankle boots in place of your sneakers or delicate heels.

Say Yes to Color Schemes

14 Chic Ways To Style A Pleated Skirt

A simple, coordinated look may be achieved by pairing your pleated skirt with a sweater or t-shirt in the same color family. Then, add some flair with a vibrant purse or a pair of wacky shoes to give this timeless combination your own unique touch.

Work in Other Trends

There are numerous fashionable aesthetics that go well with a pleated skirt. A pair of opera gloves will provide a touch of regencycore, and an all-black aesthetic is completely in keeping with gothcore.



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