The Top 6 Collections of Togo Fashion Festival FIMO228

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While the COVID-19 pandemic still lingers on, that hasn’t stopped the fashion industry from adaptation. Togo recently held its Fashion Festival – FIMO 228 and all we can say is that it keeps getting better. The 8th edition of FIMO228 was held a few days back in Lomé, Togo which brought a total of 20 African designers as a celebration of cultural cross-pollination.

90 per cent of the collection made use of African prints (African wax prints, also known as Ankara and Dutch wax prints, are omnipresent and common materials for clothing in Africa, especially West Africa.). While we love to see it, most collections featured common designs, not very appealing to a younger generation. Fabric colors were not flattering on the skin. As African luxury designers may be getting more recognition its important to keep up with International trends, not similar but unique. African has a lot of potential yet to be unveiled especially in fashion. Some may argue “lack of funds” but something worth doing is what doing well no matter what.

That said, there where designers whos collection actually came through for the Togo Fashion Festival – FIMO 228.

Atto Tetteh

For the 2021 Togo fashion festival the Ghanaian brand, Atto Tetteh (which offers quality and trendy pieces with a stroke of African culture) was all about comfort for men but there’s no reason everyone (both male and female) can’t partake. There was a jumpsuit made with Calculus fabric, lots of shorts and baggy trousers with Ankara themed biker blazers and shirts. Sounds like casual male fashion right? Atto Tetteh was able to add his own unique elements and style using carefully selected fabrics and immense attention to detail. The color schemes blended beautifully with the rich melanin skin tone of models used, which for sure will have you feeling exquisite.

Ejiro Amos Tafiri

In eleven years, Ejiro Amos Tafiri (Nigerian designer) has come to solidify herself as a foremost brand for the African woman who loves print fabrics, fashion-forward pieces, and traditional glamour. For the 2021 Togo fashion festival featured a lot of evening gowns. Ejiro kept the collection classy with a whole lot of sexy. The designer has once said her main source of inspiration is the women she sees walking through the streets of Lagos – and Lagos women love their sexy. 

GYD Studio

One of my absolute favorite from the 2021 Togo fashion festival – the Togolese and Ghanaian tastemaker owned the runway. For one her color scheme was excellent the collection featured a lot of radical fashion that deviates from the usual African norm. The collection was a a breath of fresh air – there was jumpsuits, crop top with off the shoulder sleeves, an oversized burgundy colored suit. For a more resort look, GYD showed a three set pink flowery attire that included a kimono, v necked crop and matching pants. A distinct feature was a raffia palm straw hat and hand fan – commonly seen and used by almost all tribes in the African continent.

Enero Fashion

For Enero fashion it was parade rich in colors and lights, in the gardens of the Onomo hotel in Lomé. Janvier Djossou – winner of the Vlisco Fashion Fund 2019 in Togo delivered impeccable tailoring throughout the showcased collection.

Ibrahim Fernandez

The Ivorian designer – Ibrahim Fernandez showcased  simple and casual cocktail outfits, to the extreme elegance of modern parties for the 2021 Togo Fashion Festival. With a blissful fusion of traditional adire with a dose of classic, trendy, and modern, the collection fits a cosmopolitan clientele (A cosmopolitan look combines sophisticated and trendy pieces, along with accessories, to create a pulled-together but comfortable ensemble.)

Fauvette Nacto

What happens when the tables are turned and women start looking at men in the same way? French designer, Fauvette Nacto answers that.

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