“Sugar Rush” Movie Review: A Comic Twist To Societal Issues

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Sugar rush tells the story of three sister Susan (Adesuwa Etomi), Sola (Bisola Aiyelola) and Bola (Bimbo Ademoye) determined to change their lives by hook or crook and take care of their cancer-stricken mother (Iya Rainbow). The sugar sisters accidentally come across $800,000 in the house of a corrupt man politician, Chief Douglas when invited to a private party. Trouble starts in the next couple of days when they start to spend some of the money. Mafias come to claim the stake of the money.

News of the theft gets to the EFCC who issue a search warrant to the Sugar sisters – luckily the money isn’t found. Unknowingly for them, Sola’s good for nothing boyfriend had already stolen the money.

As pressure builds up to return the money from frightening mafias, Andy loses his life in the process of getting the money back from him and the money was stolen by someone else.  Gina (Toke Makinwa), Chief Douglas’s daughter and her men abduct the Sugar sisters and coerce them to stealing more money from “The White Lion”, Anikulapo, a notorious man known for having most of Nigeria’s asset. Who was also Gina’s husband.

Things take a turn when Mrs. Madueke (Omoni oboli), the head of EFCC apparently admits to killing Chief Douglas because the money was meant to be hers. But Anikulapo caught up with them and demanded for his money. A shoot out ensues, luckily the sugar sisters and EFCC officials who helped them with Anikulapo were able to escape with the money. It then ended in a scene where Anikulapo found out the money was incomplete and fake – the sugar sisters and mother escape and travel out of the country.

Just as the name suggests, the Sugar Rush movie happens in a flash – everything just seems to be a rat race. As a crime action comedy film it was more of comedy than any meaningful dialogue and action. The comedy script were no doubt exciting but could pass of as same old Nigerian jokes that we could all relate to. it is also sad that the comedic dialogues and the plot were not written as well as they should have.

But you have to love the chemistry between the three sisters. It’s had to miss Bisola Aiyelola performance as Sola, sis ate her role up! and yes credit has to be given to Bimbo Ademoye, Adesua Etomi, Uzor Arukwe (as Knight, the mob boss who kidnaps the girls’ mother) and Williams Uchemba (as Obum, the idiot half of a pair of EFCC field agents).

For a Nigerian film, I’ve never seen film tricks done this good. Elements of the supernatural introduced – bulletproof mob boss, Anikulapo (played surprisingly well by Banky W) and a juju-infused car with the ability to turn invisible .

Highlighting societal issues “Sugar Rush” showcases how corrupt politicians and officials supposed to arrest them, wine and dine together. Andy (Tobi Bakre), a bankrupt hustler who keeps scamming his girlfriend and easy preys. Bola, a faux Instagram celebrity who lives the “fake it till you make it life”.

Sugar Rush‘s biggest flaw are far to many loopholes present in the movie. Like:

  • Who deleted the video evidence of Susan and Sola leaving Chief Douglashouse with the money from the EFCC computer?
  • Why was the money just laying there, if the politician was killed because of his hesitation to share the money with EFCC’s Mrs Madueke why didn’t the assassins just take the money with them when leaving? Since the officials were just lazying around and they had lots of time to spare.
  • If Anikulapo was ready to give Gina the amount she sent the sisters to steal and more, why does she send the inexperienced Sugar sisters on a heist to rob the vault of Anikulapo,whom she knows armed to the teeth with juju (traditional African religion)?
  • What was the use of Mawuli Gavor and Williams Uchemba, if they couldnt come up with a good plan to rob Anikulapo. They just strode intp the party like he was just going to hand it them.
  • Why was Mawuli Gavor shirtless in the kitchen, he didnt even ask Adesua out.
  • After that hilarious and epic (night time) shootout, Anikulapo orders his henchman to kill and burn Susan and the EFCC agent, Dan (played by Mawuli Gavor). Why did he wait till daybreak to do it? Like why?
  • Anikulapo (Banky W) needed more screening time!! Why was he just shown at the ending
  • The shootout was just, how do i put this? poorly written, funny but not logical. All of a sudden Mrs. Madueke appears out of the blue then its raining bullets.

Aesthetically, Sugar Rush did it right, some elements worked, especially some special effects and some acting from supporting characters. 

Movie Grade: B

For a good laugh, Sugar Rush is your plug

Where to Watch Sugar Rush?

Sugar Rush is currently streaming on Netflix


  • Bimbo Ademoye as Bola Sugar
  • Bisola Aiyeola as Sola Sugar
  • Adesua Etomi-Wellington as Susie Sugar
  • Idowu Philips as Rhoda Sugar
  • Uzor Arukwe as Knight
  • Tobi Bakre as Andy
  • Mawuli Gavor as Dan
  • Toke Makinwa as Gina
  • Lateef Adedimeji as Kpala
  • Omoni Oboli as Mrs. Madueke
  • Banky W as Anikulapo, aka White Lion
  • Uchemba Williams as Obum
  • D’Banj as himself (special appearance)
Directed byKayode Kasum
Produced byJade Osiberu
Abimbola Craig
Written byBunmi Ajakaiye
Jade Osiberu
StarringAdesua Etomi
Bisola Aiyeola
Bimbo Ademoye
Music byGray Jones Ossai
CinematographyFemi Awojide
Edited byKayode Kasum
Jadesola Osiberu
GreOH Media
Empire Mates Entertainment
Jungle FilmWorks
Distributed byFilmOne Entertainment
Release date25 December 2019
Running time122 minutes


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