Happy birthday to a True African Queen – as Yvonne Jegede clocks 37

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As is every year on August 25th Yvonne Jegede finds a way to top the one that came before. Celebrating her 37th birthday on Tuesday, Yvonne channeled a zulu traditional wear for her birthday snap.

Sharing a heartfelt message reflecting on the woman had grown to become along with the Afrocentric themed shoot, the Nollywood star said ” I celebrate the strong woman I have become. I am a damn hard nut to crack, life has shaped me and the more I absorb the lemonade I have made from the lemons life has thrown at me, the more I want to smell the roses, take a walk in the park with my son or sit under the sun sipping on a cup of pinã colada on an island.”

Adding ‘“I am indeed grateful for life. Una see this life, I go live am and I go live am well. Happy birthday to a True African Queen. August 25th 

The shoot featured the star wearing a traditional bead miniskirt with a special wide isicholo hat. Wielding a spear, the star looked glamorous with afrocentric fashion marks.

Yvonne Jegede who started her movie career in 2004 featured in the movie Missing Angels – had her first major camera debut in 2005 with her appearance in the now popular music video African Queen. She recently recreated her look from the iconic music video – here.

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