‘Citation’ Movie Review: An In-depth Look of Sexual Assault Across Nigerian College Campus

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Watching the Citation movie for the first time – I remembered why I had always avoided asking questions in the classroom, being seen by lecturers or going individually to any office of sort unless we were three or more. The truth is, the citation movie is a visual representation of what goes on across Nigerian universities. And since it is a social norm for the girl child to take all the blame that led to her rape, 99% of females die in silence.

Citation,  directed by Kunle Afolayan stars the protagonist, Moremi (Temi Otedola), a sweet loving and dedicated student with a flare for learning which you may call somewhat naïve because a normal Nigerian undergraduate would have read the signs. The antagonist, Professor Lucien N’Dyare  (Jimmy Jean-Louis), the devilish handsome professor, which you’ll love to hate. Drama unfolds as an dishearten tribunal is held by the university senate listens to testimony from Moremi, N’Dyare, and other witnesses and advocates concerning an alleged sexual assault which between you and me, actually happened.

As all Nigerian students would know and tell you once your matter reaches senate concerning a lecturer your “truth” holds no value against a so called “respected” lecturer – a bitter truth.

Professor Lucien N’Dyare who could have had any girl in campus willingly got infatuated and preyed on innocent Moremi knowing fully well that albeit, her reporting to the authorities would mean nothing since he had a history of always getting away with rape, little did he know that it would be different this time.

Her(Moremi’s) relationship with her professor begins with an innocent assistance where the professor claims negligence in operating a car with manual transmission. Sweet as she is, she offers to help him, that “mistake” leads to an unexpected field trip to Senegal, where Professor Lucien tries to kiss her.

Against all odds, Moremi reports the rape incident that happened at an Easter party which personally for me left no stones unturned as the filmmaker depicted the hideous event, leaving up nothing for debate as to if the incident happened or not. You can imagine the trauma Moremi had to live with after the assault – she’s now forced to recount and relive the incident in front of a panel that takes note of a lecturers achievements and credentials more than a mere students credibility.

She fights for the truth, going as far as bringing a witness from Senegal whose relation had the same experience with Professor Lucien N’Dyare. For a duration of 2hrs 30mins, the Citation movie takes you through a quintessence of the anger and frustration at hand maintaining a complex emotion felt by Moremi through out the movie.

Movie Grade: A

The citation movie is not like the regular Nollywood home movies you’re used to. Director, Kunle Afolayan pushes for a new kind of Nollywood cinema through his movies. Evidently, his films amongst new upcoming nollywood movies can compete in the international film marketplace.

Citation is proof that Nigeria, is keen to improving producing and releasing high-quality films across the globe.


  • Jimmy Jean-Louis as Prof. Lucien N’Dyare
  • Temi Otedola as Moremi
  • Bukunmi Oluwashina as Uzoamaka
  • Adjetey Anang as Kwesi
  • Joke Silva as Angela
  • Ini Edo as Gloria
  • Ibukun Awosika as herself
  • Ropo Ewenla as Dr. Grillo
  • Gbubemi Ejeye as Rachel
  • Yomi Fash-Lanso as Lucien Legal Rep.
  • Gabriel Afolayan as Koyejo
  • Oyewole Olowomojuore as Prof. Osagye
  • Sadiq Daba as Prof. Yahaya
  • Samantha Okanlawon
  • Bienvenu Neba as Dr. Sembene
  • Toyin Bifarin Ogundeji as Dr. Mrs. Nwosu

Where to Watch the Citation Movie

“Citation” is now streaming on Netflix.

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