Who Is Myke Wright, Lizzo’s Boyfriend?

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Lizzo has a new boyfriend! In an interview with Andy Cohen on April 18 where she stated that she is in a relationship with Myke Wright, the mystery man she was seen out with on Valentine’s Day, the rapper declared that she is definitely off the market for dates.

Lizzo has made it plain that they are taking their relationship seriously even though she keeps it quiet about it. When Cohen questioned her about if dating him while balancing her celebrity and job has been difficult, she said “If you have the right person, no. Not at all. It’s not even a factor. Because it should be mutually supportive, no matter what that person does.”

The rapper’s new relationship must undoubtedly reflect something remarkable for a “single-minded individual” who loves her independence and unrestricted lifestyle.

See below for all the info that has been made public regarding Lizzo’s new partner and their relationship as it continues to grow.

Who is Myke Wright?

Wright is a comedian and actor. With prior appearances on Adam Devine’s House Party and Laughs, Wright is most known for his stand-up comedy. According to his IMDb website, Wright also has a few acting credits, such as How to Be a Grown Up, Doubting Thomas, and the short Tell Me What You Know About Cyrus.


Wright and Lizzo also share a love of music, which is another thing. While Lizzo is primarily known for her singing, Wright has also played in two other bands. According to his interview with VoyageLA, he started an alternative hip hop group called Phresh Heir after forming The Grey Level, an all-Black rock band, in high school with three of his closest friends.

They were friends before Lizzo rose to fame.

Actually, Lizzo and Wright go way back. In 2016, the two worked as cohosts for MTV’s music program Wonderland before making their relationship known. She claimed in a July interview with The Breakfast Club that she and Wright have known each other since before she rose to stardom internationally in 2019 with her album Cuz I Love You. Wright was also mentioned by her as one of the “genuine people” in her life.

“I have the most genuine people around me,” she said. “They don’t give a s–t about ‘Lizzo’ with the chain on. They care about ‘Melissa,’ and everyone I’m close with has known me before all of this happened and I think that’s important.”

Adding, “Even the man I’m with, he knew me before all of this too. We were friends. It hit different when they knew you before 2019.”

Myke Wright grew up in Detroit.

Wright was raised in Detroit’s Westside, according to VoyageLA. He eventually made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles in 2012 in order to pursue a career as a standup comedian after “juggling music, video production, and attending Art College,” as stated by the outlet.

Myke Wright has his own designer company

Wright is a comedian, actor, and singer in addition to being a designer. He started his own designer and innovation firm called ümi, which is “focused on improving the quality of human life through products and experience,” according to VoyageLA, in addition to providing designs to Detroit-based luxury clothing brand EMLE.

“My mother would always tell me ‘Make Your Life More Than Just Long’. I really took that to heart,” he told the publication. “ümi is about getting all brightest minds together and forming material solutions for the problems humans face.”

Lizzo and Myke are “locked in” as a couple.

Marriage appeared to be off the menu for Lizzo and Wright in October 2022 — unless it was a wise business move. “We’re not playing any games with each other anymore. We’re very much locked in,” she told Stern.

But Lizzo opened up about how her relationship with Wright has evolved into something more serious in a December 2022 appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

“I’ve known him for over six years. He’s everything. We’re just in love. And that’s it,” she told Vanity Fair. “People fight for monogamy like they pray to it every day. I am not a polyamorous person, I’m not in love with multiple partners. That is not me. He’s the love of my life. We are life mates.”

They were first spotted together in October 2021.

According to People, they were first spotted together in October at Crustacean Beverly Hills.

They went out on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022.

The two dined at Craig’s in West Hollywood for Valentine’s Day in an outing that initially ignited the dating rumors surrounding them.

“You were photographed in Los Angeles in February at Craig’s with a mystery man. Are you guys still together?” (In their April interview, Cohen asks the musician directly.) “Yeah, whatever,” Lizzo responds, laughing. “Yeah.”

On April 27, 2022, he treated Lizzo to a special occasion.

To celebrate the singer’s upcoming 34th birthday on April 27, Lizzo and her boyfriend were spotted out on Tuesday, April 26 at Craig’s in West Hollywood, the same eatery they frequented on Valentine’s Day.


Lizzo chose a black slip dress with purple feathers and jeweled flowers for the romantic dinner date. She accessorized with a pair of enormous sunglasses with the words “That Bitch” written across the lenses, as well as glittery pointed-toe bow-tie heels. With similar dark sunglasses and an all-black outfit, her partner smiled beside her.

On June 4, 2022, he walked the red carpet alongside Lizzo.

At the premiere of his star girlfriend’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls on Prime Video, Wright stood at her side. Wright wore a black suit, and Lizzo wore a hot pink Valentino attire as they walked the red carpet together.

They became Instagram official, February 4, 2023.

Wright made her debut on Lizzo’s main page in a series of adorable photos captured the night of Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party. The duo can be seen holding each other while grinning and donning stunning evening ensembles: Wright is wearing a black tuxedo and waistcoat while Lizzo is wearing an Alexander McQueen fringe minidress.

Updates will be posted here.

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