Everything You Should Know About Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Relationship


Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone are experts at hiding their romance from prying eyes. With the exception of DiCaprio’s magical ability to become a meme and their startling age difference (the actor is 23 years older than his supermodel/actress girlfriend, who is currently 24 years old), little is known about their romance since they were first spotted together in 2017. So, exactly how did this relationship develop?We track all the information you require about one of Hollywood’s most secretive couples here.

Following a four-year relationship, the couple splits up in August 2022.

According to sources (People), the four-year romance between the Oscar-winning actor and Morrone has come to an end. Both Morrone and DiCaprio’s representatives declined to comment.

In May 2022, they go on a low-key date to Malibu.

DiCaprio and Morrone were seen cuddling up while enjoying a rare, romantic beach date in Malibu. The actor from Don’t Look Up wore a white T-shirt and khaki shorts, and Morrone wore a cream sweater and a flowy white skirt, matching the couple’s color scheme of white and tan. Other pictures reveal that Morrone ditched her clothes and went swimming in a beige bikini. Jack the husky, the couple’s dog, went on the date with the couple.


They are spotted on a rare public outing on March 21, 2022.

Making a rare public appearance together, the pair went out to lunch in New York City. Morrone was dressed in a lengthy cream coat with black pants, a black scarf, black fingerless gloves, and a pair of sunglasses.DiCaprio, meanwhile, wore a black puffer jacket, a button-up shirt, and some jeans to keep things laid-back.


The pair attend the US Open on September 12, 2021.

At the US Open’s men’s singles final match between Serbia’s Novak Djokovic and Russia’s Daniil Medvedev, DiCaprio was seen with Morrone.


They take a beach vacation in March 2021.

For a quick vacation, DiCaprio and Morrone traveled to Malibu with friends. The actress posted pictures of their vacation to Instagram, along with images of the husky she’s nurturing.

Cooking a feast for New Year’s Eve on December 31, 2020.

You’ll be more than a little excited at the most recent article from People if you were curious about how DiCaprio and Morrone spent New Year’s Eve. The magazine claims that on Thursday, DiCaprio and his boyfriend were seen shopping at the Italian market Table Mercato in Boston.People magazine quoted an onlooker as saying, “We couldn’t believe how much they were buying … We couldn’t even check out with all their stuff on the counter.” According to the publication, the couple purchased “pastas, sauces, crackers, homemade potato chips, fig jam, and other refrigerated items.” O’Driscoll was quick to note that DiCaprio “had the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.”

December 2020: DiCaprio and Morrone are apparently enjoying “domestic life.”

DiCaprio and Morrone, according to E! News, plan to stay together for a very long time.

“Leo and Cami are still going strong and doing really well. He’s very cozy with Cami and they’re serious,” a source told the outlet of how the couple has been faring amid 2020.”He is filming right now, but Leo has been settling into this domestic life with Cami, as opposed to all the time he used to spend out with his boys,” continued the source. “He does really like his life with her and they’re a lot more coupley than they used to be.”

The couple goes on a low-key sushi date in late June 2020.

On June 29, photos of DiCaprio and Morrone were taken as they left Nobu, a popular sushi restaurant in Los Angeles. DiCaprio concealed totally from the cameras under his similar green sweatshirt, while Morrone sported an oversized bomber jacket in an olive tone, ripped black jeans, and red Converse sneakers. As COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles are reportedly on the rise, both were wearing face masks.

DiCaprio celebrates Morrone’s 23rd birthday in June 2020.

Morrone and her famous boyfriend attended a yacht party to celebrate her 23rd birthday, according to Page Six. Nina Dobrev and her reported lover Shaun White were among the attendees, claims the tabloid.According to Page Six, “invitees wore cowboy hats and western clothes,” with Leonardo DiCaprio being the only visitor seen donning a mask.

They go to the Oscars in February 2020.

Despite the fact that Morrone and DiCaprio did not walk the red carpet together, their minutes-apart appearances indicate that they did. Also during the ceremony, the two were seated close to one another. During this year’s awards season, this is the first time the couple has shared a stage together.

Camila discusses the age gap with them in December 2019.

The young actress was not scared to talk openly about the age gap between her and her partner during an interview with The Los Angeles Times.

“There’s so many relationships in Hollywood⁠—and in the history of the world⁠—where people have large age gaps. I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date,” she said, while empathizing with people who are naturally inquisitive about their relationship. “I probably would be curious about it too.”

Camila believes Leo is more than just her Instagram boyfriend as of October 2019.

As soon as a paparazzi photographer captured DiCaprio taking shots of Morrone doing many Instagram-worthy poses, the scene went viral online. Morrone bemoaned the viral meme fate in a Vanity Fair interview.

“I saw the meme,” she said. “Poor thing, he’s being called an Instagram boyfriend. He’s an environmentalist and a movie star and it doesn’t mean a thing!”

Camila hinted at her romance in a July 2019 Instagram post.

Morrone simply wrote “A love like this” as the caption of a picture of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, a pair from the movies with a 25-year age difference.
People immediately assumed that she was referring to her significant age gap from DiCaprio.

Later, on her Instagram story, she responded to the critiques, writing, “My God, people are so mean and full of anger with people that they know nothing about. I guess I just hope on this Friday that people learn to live with a little less hatred and place their time and interests elsewhere, because living without hatred feels pretty good.”

They go to the Cannes Film Festival in May 2019.

DiCaprio became a popular meme while attending the prestigious film festival. Both of them were at Cannes, but because they attended separate events, they were unable to take a red carpet shot together.

Leo and Camila head to Coachella in April 2019.

In images published by the Daily Mail, DiCaprio and Morrone can be seen attending the three-day music festival together and even showing some discreet PDA.

They make a rare public appearance in November 2018.

During the Group C match of the UEFA Champions League in Paris, the two were seated next to one another. E! revealed in the same month that their relationship was taking a serious turn.

“It is getting more serious,” a source said. “They’ve been inseparable for the last year and are crazy about one another. They’ve gotten to know each other’s families and they love being together.”Another source added, “He is very serious with Camila and has been for a while now, but marriage is not something that is on the horizon.”

The two were already hearing wedding bells, according to an insider at Us Weekly, contradicting E!. “They’ve talked about getting engaged,” said the insider, adding that the Academy Award-winning actor is “ready to have kids.”

The pair takes a romantic vacation to Europe in August 2018.

During their trip to Europe, the two are seen in photos from E! snorkeling and taking boat rides together.

“Leo and Camila have been out in the sun enjoying boat rides, snorkeling, and being in the sea. They’ve had several meals aboard the yacht but have also made plenty of stops and gotten off to see the sites and enjoy the best places,” a source told the outlet. “They visited the island of Capri and had a nice lunch at Il Riccio overlooking the water. They have a smaller boat that drops them and brings them back to the yacht.”

They share a PDA moment in Los Angeles in March 2018.

When the couple were out and about in Los Angeles, Morrone showed unusual PDA by holding his arm.

Leo and Camila go on a snowy trip to Colorado in January 2018.

The couple went on vacation to Aspen a month after being first seen together. According to People, Tobey Maguire, a fellow actor and friend, and his two children, were also present.

Camila and Leo are allegedly dating as of December 2017.

The two were “hooking up,” according to a report from Us Weekly. Months after DiCaprio and model Nina Agdal parted ways, the whispers started.

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