Who Is Maxx Morando, Miley Cyrus’s New Boyfriend?

With the release of her smash single breakup anthem “Flowers,” Miley Cyrus has been exhibiting a radiant demeanor, most notably at last week’s Versace fall-winter 2023 fashion show, when she also gave off the feeling that she had grown closer to her new boyfriend.

Cyrus was originally linked to artist Maxx Morando in November 2021, when the two fueled relationship rumors with a combined appearance at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show.

The next month, when Cyrus allegedly danced and held hands with Morando in Miami for her NBC New Year’s Eve Party special, rumors intensified even more. And in April 2022, the couple appeared to confirm their relationship while out together in West Hollywood, where they engaged in extensive PDA.

Morando, like Cyrus, has had a successful music career, despite his decision to keep most elements of his private life hidden.

Here’s what we know about Cyrus’ new man thus far.

He is an adept musician.

Morando can play the guitar, as evidenced via an Instagram Live in 2020, despite being most known as Liily’s drummer (and formerly with Regrettes from 2015 to 2018). Two of Cyrus’ songs, “Handstand” and “Violet Chemistry,” from her most recent album, Endless Summer Vacation, were also produced by him in collaboration with the singer.

He’s six years Miley’s junior.

The drummer, who was born in 1998 and is now 24 years old, is six years Miley’s junior. His birthday, which is November 16, is exactly one week before the singer’s.

In addition to his musical accomplishments, the drummer has dabbled in fashion design, having Cyrus serving as his inspiration. Cyrus disclosed in September 2021 that Shane Kastl’s special vegan leather set had cartoon drawings created by Morando. Cyrus wore the set for a concert that month.

Talking to Vogue at the time “This look is a one-of-a-kind collaboration between two of my favorite emerging artists, Maxx Morando and Shane Kastl,” she said. “Their collaboration is the perfect example of sustainability becoming the next fashion phase, and it proves that anything can be reinvented, which resonates with me deeply.”

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