Prince Louis Marks His Fifth Birthday in a Cute New Portraits

Birthday pictures are without a doubt priceless keepsakes that may be preserved and used as inspiration by future generations. Prince Louis celebrated his 5th birthday in the best possible way with new portraits.


In honor of Prince Louis’ fifth birthday on April 23, the Prince and Princess of Wales released two brand-new, adorably sweet photographs of him on social media yesterday. The birthday pictures of Kate’s kids are usually taken by Kate, but Millie Pilkington took the new ones with the Princess pushing her youngest child while he grinned toothily at her and the camera.It’s only the most recent peek the public has seen of the little prince since his Easter celebration debut.

Louis is pictured in the pictures wearing a blue Fair Isle sweater with a red and beige argyle design over a blue checkered collar shirt and blue shorts. Kate, who out of focus, is noticeably dressed in a black-and-white striped jumper. Last year, the Prince celebrated his 4th birthday with a beach theme captured by his mother.

The Royal family having been giving little insights of its members – in fact just this week the late Queen Elizabeth’s 97th birthday was commemorated with an intimate portrait shot by Princess Kate. It showed the late monarch surrounded by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, including Louis and his siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Other guests include Lady Louise Windsor, James, Early of Wessex, Savannah Phillips, Isla Phillips, Lena Tindall, Mia Tindall, and Lucas Philip Tindall.


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